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South Steam Loop Replacement Project

This summer Linfield began a major construction project to Install new steam and condensate return piping which will protect and extend the life of the steam piping system. The new steam piping system will have higher insulation values and will prevent water damage which has plagued the existing system.

The project will affect two distinct areas of campus:

North/Central Area - Dillin Hall to Renshaw Hall

  • May 28 – July 5: M-F 7am – 6pm

South Area - Vivian Bull Music Center to Ford Hall Theatre/Nicholson Library to Facilities Services

  • July 30 – October 4: M-F 7am – 6pm
  • The project will be active until October 4th.
  • The fences have gone up around the construction zone, road closed signs, directional signage, and staging activity is ongoing.
  • Trenching is now complete, materials are visible throughout the construction zone.

ALL personnel MUST USE EXTREME CAUTION with driving carts, vehicles, and equipment AND/OR when walking in any area where construction is taking place and where traffic patterns have changed.

Maps and Traffic Patterns

The attached map includes traffic patterns for the duration of the project.  Orange areas are construction zones, yellow areas are extreme caution and limited parking, red arrows are traffic patterns, and green areas are designated pedestrian crossings.  This guidance and the map are also available through the attached PDF below "South Steam Loop Construction Map."

There is limited parking for Vivian Bull Music Center, Ford Hall and Marshall Theatre, and the Facilities Services Building.  Signage for deliveries have been placed at Wildcat Circle and at the building entrance.


Facilities Services

Allison Horn
Director, Facilities & Auxiliary Services

Erik Stenehjem
Director, Environmental Health & Safety