Students at the base of a redwood tree- Linfield College
Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies at Linfield

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary study that centers on the relationships between humans and the planet Earth. It seeks to help students develop a deep awareness of the complex, highly dynamic nature of the world we inhabit, including interactions among human populations, the biological and physical environments, resources, technology, social organization and culture.

The Environmental Studies Department has 2 full time faculty and a lab coordinator.

We offer a major in Environmental Studies with three focus areas so students can specialize more in one area; we also offer a minor in Environmental Studies.

Environmental Studies Focus Areas

All students in Environmental Studies take a core of courses including Environmental Science, Environmental Governance, and the full year senior capstone sequence (Environmental Research and Environmental Project).

The ENVS faculty are committed to giving our students hands on learning experiences, especially in the capstone sequence, in collaboration with community partners such as the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council and the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District.