At Linfield, you have three options for becoming a teacher:

  1. Teach Early Childhood and Elementary: age 3 to grade 8 (in self-contained classrooms). You will major in Elementary Education.
  2. Teach Elementary and Middle Level: grades 3 to 8 (in self-contained classrooms) or grades 5 to 10 (in a middle level content area classroom). At the middle level, choose from teaching language arts (English), mathematics, science, or social studies. You will major in Elementary Education and take four additional classes in your middle level content area.
  3. Teach Middle Level and High School: grades 5 to 10 (in a middle level content area classroom) or grades 7 to 12 (in a high school content area classroom). You will major in your content area and minor in education. Choose from the following content areas/majors: art, biology, chemistry, French, German, health education, language arts (English), mathematics, music education, physical education, physics, social studies (anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology), or Spanish.

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