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Department of Education


Although the department does not offer a specific internship course, field experience is available through two senior-year student teaching courses. Students are typically placed in the McMinnville School District for one semester, and in a partner school district the other. 

Alternatively, students can intern for credit by enrolling in IDST 287: Career Exploration Internship, offered through the Office for Career Development. To be eligible, students must be in good academic standing (2.5+ GPA).

Students are also free to intern on their own, without academic credit.

Besides doing an internship, students can work for various departments on campus:

“I have not had any internships while at Linfield, but I have spent time working in the International Programs Office as a student assistant and for the Theatre and Communications Art department as a publicity assistant.”
- Jenaveve Linabary, ‘13 (major in elementary education and vocal performance)