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Department of Education

New Student Orientation


Steve Bernhisel
Steve Bernhisel - Colloquium Advisor

In the first semester on campus, all freshmen will be enrolled in a Colloquium course. This one-semester, one-credit course is designed to help students make a successful transition from high school to the college environment. Through Colloquium, students will:

  • receive guidance and support in adjusting to college life,
  • discover the ins and outs of navigating Linfield,
  • get to know faculty and peer advisors,
  • learn about resources on campus,
  • receive advising and assistance in registering for classes,
  • improve time management and study skills,
  • consider and make plans for short- and long-term academic goals; and,
  • make new friends and build community.

Education faculty and students regularly serve as faculty and peer advisors for Colloquium. We look forward to meeting our new Education students the moment they are on campus.


During the first semester on campus, all new transfer students will participate in the Connections program. The program is designed to help new transfer students meet each other and become more familiar with the academic and campus life at Linfield.