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Diversity at Linfield

Faces behind the hands

Meet the individuals featured in the Linfield College diversity poster series.

Arun Bajracharya '16Arun Bajracharya '16

Major: Physics, mathematics minor

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Linfield Activities: Activity director of the International Club and also involved with the Asian American Alliance (AAA)

Something people might not know or might find surprising: I have two brothers who graduated from Linfield. I'm a huge rock music fan and I love playing guitar. I am also crazy about soccer. I play it once in a while and I follow the English team Manchester United. Other than that, I am quiet and I sometimes talk in my sleep.

Most looking forward to this year: Travel and exploring new places.

Best Linfield experience so far: Performing in the culture show and meeting a lot of awesome people.

Katie DeVore '16Katie DeVore '16

Major: Mass Communication

Hometown: Camas, Wash.

Linfield Activities: Student Alumni Association

Something people might not know or might find surprising: Since sixth grade I have played the viola and still play it for fun at family gatherings and holidays.

Most looking forward to this year: I'm looking forward to playing intramural sports this year with friends. We formed a team last year and got really into it dressing up and creating cheers. It was really fun and I can't wait for volleyball and soccer to start!

Best Linfield experience so far: My first day of classes was by far my best experience at Linfield. I was so lost and couldn't find my class the first day and as I was wondering around T.J. Day Hall someone smiled at me, said good morning, and asked if they could help me find my class. Ever since then I have known that Linfield is my home and a community that I will forever cherish.

Shawna Jacobson-Sims '16Shawna Jacobson-Sims '16

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.

Linfield Activities:  Resident Advisor, Office of Admission, Black Student Union

Something people might not know or might find surprising: I identify more with my white side than my black side

Most looking forward to this year: Becoming a great student leader as an RA, mentor, and in any other way possible

Best Linfield experience so far: During my freshman year, I was staying on campus for January Term, and I was walking through Dillin to Catty Shack to buy some groceries. I realized it was closed and the Director of Food Services Bill Masullo, told me that he would let me into Catty Shack early to get what I needed. It was so heartwarming and awesome that even though he is a busy man, he took the time out of his day to help one student. It really is the power of a small college.

Christian Nallely Juanillo '13Christian Nallely Juanillo '13

Major: Health education

Hometown: Amity

Linfield Activities: Linfield College Latinos Adelante, Chaplain's Team, Alpha Lambda Delta

Something people might not know or might find surprising: Despite being an extremely outgoing and social person, I enjoy being home more than anything. My middle name means "love" in the Zapotec language (spoken by indigenous people from Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero).

Most looking forward to this year: In July, I began my new job as a post-grad intern at the Office of Admissions. I look forward to staying at Linfield and learning more about higher education.

Best Linfield experience: My entire Linfield experience has been remarkable! However, an experience that stands out is receiving the "2012-2013 Outstanding Health Education Major of the Year" award. I was not expecting the award, but it truly encompasses my passion for the major I chose to study.

Conner Varnell '14Conner Varnell '14

Major: Mass communication and philosophy

Hometown: Arlington, Wash.

Linfield Activities: Football, youth service coordinator

Something people might not know or might find surprising: I enjoy adrenaline rushes through surreal moments, such as having wolves lick my face and teeth, or sitting atop a pool of a 200 foot waterfall.

Most looking forward to this year: Pursuing a national championship with the brothers I have made on the football team throughout my four years at Linfield College.

Best Linfield experience so far: It sounds cliché, but discovering who I am as a person and being comfortable with it. I know what kind of people I want around me. I am happy with who I am. The summer of 2013 was a massive growing experience for me due to a variety of negative circumstances and I came away from it all with a greater appreciation of life than I ever knew. What better realization could one ask for?