Programs and Events Affirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Linfield College, Academic Year 2017-18

February 2018: Nationally known speaker and educator Jane Elliot will speak during the Black History Month.

Jane Elliot, Former school teacher, Anti-Racism Activist, Educator; Feminist and LGBT Activist. 

Spring 2018: Reading Group "Undoing the Soldier: Readings on Reintegration of Veterans into Society" 

Reyna Grande: Linfield College will be bringing Reyna Grande for a Reading Group (2017-18; date to be announced)

Received a B.A in Creative Writing and film & Video from the University of California, Santa Cruz as well as her M.F.A in creative writing from Antioch University. Now an award-winning novelist and memoirist her novels: Across a Hundred Mountains, (Atria, 2006) and Dancing with Butterfly's (Washington Square Press, 2006). Her latest book, The Distance between us, is a memoir she writes about her life before and after illegally immigrating from Mexico to the United States. 

Antonio MartorellComing to Linfield (2017-18; date to be announced) 

TransYouth Project: Dr. Kristina Olson, director of TransYouth Project will be visiting campus (2017-18; date to be announced). TransYouth Project aims to help scientists, educators, parents, and children better understand the varieties of human gender development. Based out of the Social Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Washington. 

Exploring interfaith connections between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Coming to Linfield (2017-18; date to be announced)

POLS 370: Leadership and Change in a Diverse and Interconnected World: Coming to Linfield (2017-18; date to be announced)