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Diversity Lecture Series

Diversity Lecture Series Call for Proposals

Who can submit a proposal:

  • Two or more departments/programs collaborating to bring a prominent speaker of national reputation to address the campus community about diversity related issues.
  • Two or more departments/programs willing to contribute financially (beyond the funds available from The Diversity Lecture Series) to bring a speaker of national prominence to our campus.
  • Two or more departments/programs articulating the value of their interdisciplinary collaboration related to diversity and its broader impact on our students, academic programming and staff.

Criteria for the proposals:

All proposals must demonstrate each of the following:

  1. The speaker’s credentials in addressing one or more of the following dimensions of diversity: age, class, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation.  (Attach the speaker’s major accomplishments and speaking engagements)
  2. Thoughtful articulation of how the campus community (especially students), academic programs and faculty, and the larger community outside of Linfield College will benefit from the lecture as a whole.
  3. Clear commitment and evidence to collaborate between two or more departments/programs to establish an interdisciplinary academic rationale for inviting the chosen speaker. Special consideration will also be given to sub-collaborations between different student interest groups, organizations and clubs.
  4. Clear commitment and evidence of co-sponsoring the lecture in terms of collaborative funding. (Example: Two or more departments that already have allocated funds for their lecture series may think about bringing in a speaker who will address issues related to diversity in two or more disciplines). Special consideration will also be given to sub-collaboration between different student interest groups, clubs and administrative offices interested in co-sponsoring the event.
  5. A detailed budget outlining how the funds from The Diversity Lecture Series will be used to supplement the already available joint funding (between two or more departments/programs).
  6. Pre and post lecture planning and programming to both prepare the campus for the lecture and follow up dialogue and discussions post the lecture.
  7. A clearly developed evaluation plan to determine outcomes for the pre and post lecture activities.
  8. Publicity plans for the lecture and anticipated attendance.

Materials to submit:

  1. Attach a title page (Department names and all academic programs and organizations co-sponsoring the event and the date of event.)
  2. Include a one-page narrative about the proposed speaker, the semester for which you are seeking funding, and address how the speaker will effectively address the issue(s) of diversity on our campus.
  3. Address each of the criteria (1-8) mentioned above (Should not exceed more than 1500 words.)
  4. Itemized budget of expenses how the funds from the Diversity Lecture Series will be used to supplement the already available joint funding (between two or more departments/programs.)
  5. Submit with applicable signatures from department chair, faculty coordinators, student club advisor that will co-sponsor the event. 
  6. Submit a report at the end of the grant cycle outlining how the funds from the “Lecture Series” were used and an evaluation of the outcomes as stated in the original application.
    (Please Note: Failure to submit a report at the end of the grant cycle will jeopardize applying for any future diversity grants.)

Selection process:

A sub-committee comprising of faculty, students and staff from both within the Diversity Committee and outside will select the proposal to be funded. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, no member of the selection committee will be eligible to apply to any diversity grants during their membership on the committee. If there is a grant application submitted for consideration from a committee member’s department, then the member in question will recuse himself or herself from the committee during the deliberation process of that particular grant application.

Submit proposals to:

Under the subject line clearly write “Diversity Mini-Grant”

Diversity Grants Committee:

  • Shaik Ismail (Director, International Programs)*
  • Xiaoyou Luo (Associate Professor, Mathematics)*
  • Jaqueline Webb (Associate Professor, Nursing)
  • Esperance Ibuka (Director of Multicultural Programs)
  • Adrian Liu (Student Representative)

*Co-chair of the Diversity Grants Committee

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas or fit of the project for submission, please contact the Diversity Grants Chair, Shaik Ismail via email to set up a meeting.

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2018

Notification: Before the end of the academic year.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas before you submit, please contact the Diversity Grants Chair Shaik Ismail via email