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Diversity at Linfield

Academic Support

Over 250 courses at Linfield address diversity philosophically.  Jan term travel courses as well as semester and year abroad programs address diversity experientially.


  • Spiritual Discovery Trips (experiential education and dialogue, encountering beliefs, practices and peoples from various spiritual cultures including – Native American, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, African American, Monastic, etc.)  [Chaplain's Office often in partnership with Multicultural Programs, Religious Studies, IPO, SOAN]
  • IDST 090-01 Global Issues: Homelessness from an interfaith perspective
  • Alternative Spring Break Service Trips- (Tacoma, New Orleans, Seattle, Colorado, Coastal Oregon)
  • New Orleans Service Trip to 9th Ward (American Baptist Coalition of Colleges) Chaplain's Team, College Activities, Student Life Portland Campus (representing both McMinnville and Portland campuses)
  • Helping Professionals Class – deals with cultural awareness and identity as well as socioeconomic issues
  • Career Development provides resources and services to various classes that would have diversity concerns