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Diversity at Linfield

Diversity and Inclusion

Linfield College takes pride in always striving to create an environment that honors academic freedom, celebrates diverse cultures, fosters a climate of mutual respect, and promotes an inclusive environment that affirms the value of all people.

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We have a rich, ethnically diverse community. The 2019-2020 First-Year class is composed of 40% U.S. students of color. Overall, 33% of our students (in McMinnville, Portland, and OCE) are U.S. students of color.

We recognize that diversity is not just measured by culture and ethnicity.  The fabric of our community is made up of individuals who vary in age, sexual orientation, religion, color, culture, and economic class. In addition, we are excited that 43% of this year’s incoming class are first-generation students whose parents did not complete a four-year degree.

As our nation and world become increasingly connected, we believe it is crucial that we reflect upon and celebrate the changes that our community of scholars encounters. Diverse backgrounds, cultures, ideas, and lifestyles provide opportunities for intellectual exploration and personal growth. Students learn to negotiate complex social landscapes and how to overcome discomfort and conflict when meeting with and learning from individuals with different values and beliefs. Everyone at Linfield College benefits from a more diverse environment in academic and non-academic ways as we learn to embrace and celebrate differences.

Our Mission, Connecting Learning, Life, and Community, calls on us to... "engage [in] thoughtful dialogue in a climate of mutual respect, and honor the rich texture of diverse cultures and varied ways of understanding." Diversity is at the heart of the liberal arts education found at Linfield. 

We are committed to creating a diverse community that reflects the magnificent variety of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ideas that make up our country and our world. We actively seek students, faculty, and staff who wish to be part of our efforts.