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Salem, Oregon

Adults in the Salem, Oregon area have eleven Linfield College degrees and certificates to choose from.  Linfield’s Adult Degree Program offers bachelor's degrees in:

and certificates in:


Most of Linfield’s degrees and certificates can be completed through online coursework or through a combination of online and on-site courses.

Working adults will find Linfield's online degrees and certificates easy to fit into their schedules. Students can study and complete coursework at their convenience.  For a comprehensive overview of what pursuing an online education is like, read Linfield’s Guide to Online College for Adults.

Check out Linfield’s Year Long Plan to view upcoming courses. 

For students currently attending classes at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon:

Linfield College’s Adult Degree Program has a long standing affiliation with Chemeketa. 108 quarter credits of community college coursework earned at Chemeketa with grades of C or better can be transferred towards a Linfield bachelor’s degree.  This equals 72 semester credits of the 125 credits you need for graduation at Linfield.  See the Transfer Guide for Chemeketa Community College for further information.

There is a Linfield Advisor in Salem who is readily available to help students map out their education from Chemeketa to Linfield College’s bachelor’s degrees and certificates.  The Linfield advisor recognizes that everyone has a unique situation and will work with each student to decide whether or not you want to complete your Associate Degree first, and then transfer to Linfield College for your Bachelor’s degree, or if you are ready to transfer now to the Bachelor’s degree.  Learn about the transition from an associate's to a bachelor's degree in our blog article by Linfield Advisor Virginia MacCallum.

RN to BSN Program

Linfield also partners with Chemeketa for graduates of the Nursing Associate of Applied Science degree who want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Students who complete Chemeketa’s Nursing Associate of Applied Science degree and pass the NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses (RN), are provisionally admitted to Linfield College’s Online RN to BSN degree. The Chemeketa – Linfield Articulation Agreements spell out the transfer of credits and the provisional admission for Chemeketa graduates.

Adults in the Salem area interested in Linfield's Adult Degree Program should contact Linfield Advisor:

Ann Sukalac
Ann Sukalac

Ann Sukalac

Phone: 503-399-5121
Fax: 503-581-6017

Linfield College Adult Degree Program
626 High Street NE
Room 304
Salem OR 97301


Monday – Friday, 9-6.
Evening appointments also available.

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