Online and Continuing Education

Academic Advising for Linfield College Online

We're committed to your success!

Your Linfield Academic Advisors are here to support you throughout your entire online learning experience. 

Our values below DRIVE our commitment to your success and are reflected in the personalized advising support we offer.

  • Diversity - honoring multiple perspectives, ideas and cultures in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Relationships - connecting the online student community with the McMinnville campus and fostering caring, collaborative relationships.
  • Intentionality - implementing purposeful strategies to ensure advising learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Vision - integrating a holistic and innovative approach to academic advising.
  • Ethics - encompassing interactions in an environment of mutual respect.


Academic Advising Process

Helping you navigate your online education

A trusting relationship is the foundation for success when it comes to helping you meet your educational goals. We provide personalized advising support throughout your educational journey starting with an initial advising appointment upon your admission.  The result is a clear plan of action so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Providing ongoing support

Once a roadmap has been developed we will continue to stay in touch with you helping you evaluate progress along the way and serving as a resource for you as you navigate Linfield systems and procedures. 

You are welcome to contact your advisor at any time with other questions or concerns as well.

Keeping you on track

If you find yourself faced with challenges due to conflicting priorities we are there to offer support and help you figure out how to get back on track. We also serve as a single point of contact so you can get easily connected to the on-campus and online support services and resources needed. 

RN to BSN academic advising

The RN to BSN academic advising process is slightly different and includes a transfer to a different advisor upon starting the Nursing cohort. In addition, you will also be assigned a faculty advisor at this time. Please visit the RN to BSN degree program page for more information.