Online and Continuing Education

Academic Advising for Linfield College Online

We're committed to your success!

Your Linfield Academic Advisors are here to support you throughout your entire online learning experience. We are dedicated to your success and will help tailor an academic plan to meet your personal and professional goals. We'll also serve as a single point of contact for you, connecting you to the resources you may need while completing your online education.

Our values below DRIVE our commitment to your success and are reflected in the personalized advising support we offer.

  • Diversity - honoring multiple perspectives, ideas and cultures in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Relationships - connecting the online student community with the McMinnville campus and fostering caring, collaborative relationships.
  • Intentionality - implementing purposeful strategies to ensure advising learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Vision - integrating a holistic and innovative approach to academic advising.
  • Ethics - encompassing interactions in an environment of mutual respect.