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Student Interaction in an Online Environment

Being able to interact with your classmates is a valuable part of the college experience, as it allows you to share thoughts and learn new ideas from people from a variety of backgrounds. Though Linfield’s Online and Continuing Education Program offers classes in an online environment, this doesn’t mean you lose the opportunity to interact with your fellow student, in fact it can be quite the opposite. Jeremy discusses his great experience of interacting with his classmates online, and how through online chat rooms and discussion boards, he was able to learn and maintain communication throughout his online courses as he worked toward earning his accounting certificate online.

“Interactions with fellow students happens in the online environment, at least in my case, and there are several forms that can take.  There are chat rooms that are made available by the instructors at various points during the courses.

So there is that almost immediate back and forth through the chat room process that is similar to any other chat room you would visit.  And then there is a message board type area where the instructor may post questions, it is available for students to post questions to one another.

There is also email through the on-line system.  So there are a variety of different forms of communications.  I think I used all of them, not necessarily in the same amount, but I used all of them at some point during my courses and found that they were very effect tools.

I felt like there was always a good core group of students in every class I had who would be there to support one another with questions, answers, you know, those bright ideas, light bulb moments that happen.”