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Sharing the College Experience with Family

When someone decides to go back to college mid-career they already have a career and often a family. And sometimes they may not be the only one in the family going to college. Craig shares his experience of going back to college to earn an online degree, while his daughter was also in college. He also explains how this was a positive experience for the family being able to support one another, while they were going through similar college situations.

“My kids have kind of let me know it is motivating to them. I think they get a kick out of the old man being in school at the same time that they are. They have, not only classroom environments, but online environments because at many universities, you are not only taking classes on campus at the university, but you can be taking an online class too, or participating online. I know my daughter and I had several discussions about web advisor because we both sign up for our classes through “WebAdvisor.” And I said, that looks like mine, and she goes, you use the same tool, and I said yeah, so I could walk her through the whole signing up and paying for the classes, which, of course, I had to do anyway. I paid for it. I found most schools seem to use web advisor as a way to sign up and register for classes.  So, that’s been kind of fun, my daughter and I signing up for classes at the same time. Big hit on the debit card, but oh well, it’s important to both of us that it’s there, and I think my children have really enjoyed seeing, maybe they enjoy seeing dad struggle like they do with their homework, and when are you going to get it done, and time management and study habits, but it has been great conversations with my daughter about especially study habits and what are your routines as opposed to my routines. I am looking forward to more of those conversations.”