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Easy to Use Online Learning Program

Blackboard is an online learning system, used by Linfield’s Online and Continuing Education Program. It is an area where a student can access class information, communicate with their instructors or classmates, study and even submit work. Craig explains the value of this system and how easy it was to use as he worked to earn his online management degree.

“The blackboard system for me has been very easy to work with and one, the course syllabus is right there.  The introduction notes to the class and what you are there to achieve and what you are there to learn are always there by your side.  When you click on course content for me in this last class, there were the weekly assignments right there and you click on to weekly and you see week one or week two or week three or week four, whatever you currently are working on.  You click on to that particular week that you are working on, and in this last class case there was always a discussion group and there was a journal, your own individual journal.  So, there might be a certain discussion question, read some relevant material, click on to the discussion board and begin typing your thoughts or entering into the discussion or the threat, if you will, dialogue.  A lot of time we would all just add something independent, and other times there would just be a thread.  Or you would add something independent, and you then want to jump in on someone else’s conversation, which you easily do.  It’s just like clicking on email.  It is nothing more than clicking on reply, or reply to all.  It is very easy to keep a discussion going. And the journal is personal.  It is typically questions about relevance to your own learning experience or something that, you know, you are answering or doing a particular assignment in the journal that is your own, unique to you; however, you have the option of seeing everyone else’s work too, which is great.  So, you can see how did they answer the same question that you answered.  Hopefully you are doing that after you answered, just posted before, because plagiarism is something that is not allowed at Linfield or anywhere else I hope.  I found the blackboard system to be very easy to operate, especially, again, with iPads being so new, it worked from my iPad beautifully. I had absolutely no issues working with the blackboard whether it was from my Macbook pro, my iPad or from a PC.  It was very easy to operate.  They work very well with Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.  So it was a piece of cake.  For me I think anyone who has ever sent an email would find the blackboard experience to be very, very easy to operate.”