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Employers Desire Life-Long Learners

An online or hybrid adult degree program opens windows of opportunity to those who want to take charge of their education and advance their careers. Such online programs offer fully accredited degree and certificate programs for those individuals whose schedules demand flexibility. Companies often look for those self-motivated, life-long learners working toward a higher level of education, as Brian discusses in this video.

“As an adult learner you really have to take your education into your own hands and make the best of it, and one of the things that I found different than my undergraduate experience, was I really had to take charge of my education and open doors for myself.  That was something that was difficult at first to adjust to, but it was liberating once I really took the bull by the horns.

A lot of the firms that I interviewed with were looking for individuals who were self-motivated and were life-long learners, and as an adult degree student who had a previous education and previous work experience and was returning to school, I was really living the qualities that they were looking for in a prospective employee.  So, I had a lot to offer them.”