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Decision to go Back to College

Is this the year to do it? The year you decide to go back to college to earn your degree? Making that decision is never easy, but Linfield’s Online and Continuing Education Program helps make it easier. Craig finally decided this year was the year to go back and earn his management degree

“Why this year?  I’ll tell you one thing that happened.  I have a friend who is at another college, who did the same thing, two years at a community college and she decided to go back. She kept saying to me every dinner party, ‘Craig, you need to do this.’  Because I talked to her about doing this before, ‘you will love this, now is the time.’  She was a great encouragement to me saying, ‘look, I am taking a business major and I have never been in business.  That’s all you do, you would love this.  You would be able to participate.  You would be an asset in class to other students as well as you would learn from them.’  She was a great encouragement, honestly. Then my wife and I would be driving home from the dinner party, and she would say, ‘I think this is the year. This is the time you should do it.’”