Online and Continuing Education

Learning Support Services

Students with documented disabilities requiring classroom accommodation should register with Learning Support services within the first two weeks of each semester, or the fist two days of January Term. When necessary, students with documented learning disabilities may petition the Academic Support Committee for substitution of courses required for graduation. This process is not automatic, nor is it always deemed appropriate. Students who intend to make such a request must notify both the Director of Learning Support Services and the Associate Registrar for OCE no later than the completion of 45 credits. Complete documentation including the diagnosis of the student’s condition and its attendant educational implications must be filed with the Director of Learning Support Services prior to the request.

Identity Authentication

Students enrolled in Online and Continuing Education courses and programs at Linfield College are required to periodically verify through Ucard. This ensures that students taking classes through Online and Continuing Education are the people doing the work. The authentication process will be required at the start of each term and then at random times during the term. Instruction will be provided. For identity verification, students will need a webcam enabled computer and a legal form of picture ID (such as a drivers license or a passport). If you have questions about or problems with the authentication process contact the OCE office at (503) 883-2447.