Online and Continuing Education

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Advisors are specially selected and trained to assist new students in the transition to college. Advisors work on an individual basis with their advisees to develop an academic plan, generally under the auspices of the department in which the advisee plans to complete a major. Following this academic plan ensures that you continue to make progress toward your degree and complete requirements in the proper sequence.

If you deviate from your academic plan, please notify your advisor and, if applicable, the Office of Financial Aid. This protects you from taking a course that will not meet your needs or for which you have not met the prerequisites. Each spring after you receive the list of classes scheduled for the coming year, contact your advisor to review your program.

Your advisor’s job is to provide you with current information on classes, prerequisites, policies and procedures and act as your mentor. By consulting your advisor you can save yourself a great deal of time and frustration. Specific situations in which your advisor will help include:

  • mapping out your academic plan
  • explanation of prerequisites
  • explanation of CLEP, ACE and credit for prior learning
  • introduction to financial aid program and forms
  • information on field-based classes
  • problems or questions about a particular class in which you are enrolled
  • assistance with internship applications

Your advisor is not responsible for class registration or withdrawal from classes.

Students may call the Office of Online and Continuing Education at 1-800-452-4176 to identify an advisor.

Dean of Students

Susan Hopp, Melrose Hall 110, (503) 883-2278, Email:


ID Cards

When you are admitted you will receive notification on how to obtain your Student Photo ID Card. This Photo ID will contain a library barcode, which will give you full library borrowing privileges and entitle you to discounts at local shops.