Online and Continuing Education

Linfield College Overview

Mission Statement

Linfield College advances a vision of learning, life, and community that promotes intellectual challenge and creativity, values both theoretical and practical knowledge, engages thoughtful dialogue in a climate of mutual respect, honors the rich texture of diverse cultures and varied ways of understanding, piques curiosity for a lifetime of inquiry, and inspires the courage to live by moral and spiritual principle and to defend freedom of conscience.

Concise Statement

Linfield: Connecting Learning, Life, and Community

Organization and Governance

Linfield College is a four-year, non-profit, coeducational, liberal arts institution historically and currently affiliated with the American Baptist Churches. All college operations are governed by administration and faculty, with ultimate responsibility resting with the Board of Trustees. The college is committed to the teaching of undergraduates in an atmosphere of academic freedom that offers intellectual rigor, creativity, and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

Purpose Statement

Linfield College seeks to provide an educational experience through which an individual may develop an understanding of oneself as a person and of the world, and may acquire skills and knowledge which are essential for responsible and creative participation in our society.

The College offers an opportunity for inquiry and discussion by which all students through self-discovery may identify their own individuality, aims, value system, and capacity for independent judgment.

The College believes that an understanding of the world requires a knowledge of mankind’s heritage, an appreciation of persons of diverse races and cultures, experience in interpersonal relations, and a sensitivity to the social and ecological problems of a pluralistic and rapidly changing world.

Linfield seeks through its curriculum and social activities to educate individuals who will be oriented toward continuous learning, emotionally able to cope with a world of accelerating change, and prepared for living in a society that needs responsible and creative participation. This participation may be through citizenship, the home, gainful employment, or leisure time pursuits.


Linfield College is a non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Oregon. It is empowered by the State to offer instruction, grant degrees, and adopt bylaws for the government of the College, its trustees, officers, professors, and students.

The bylaws of the College provide for no less than three and not more than fifty-one members of the Board of Trustees. The Trustees of the College possess the ultimate authority of the governance of the College.

The President of the College is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Faculty, ex-officio. The President is the chief officer and has responsibility for carrying out the educational, financial, and disciplinary policies of the College as directed by the Board of Trustees. All recommendations for appointments and promotion of members of the Faculty are made to the Board of Trustees by the President.

The Faculty of the college is empowered to prescribe, with concurrence of the President and subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, requirements for admission and graduation, rules and methods of conduct for the educational work of the College. The Faculty also recommends to the Board all candidates for degrees and all prizes, scholarships, and fellowships.

The students of Linfield College have certain delegated powers for the maintenance of student affairs. The Associated Students of Linfield College, through its officers and Senate, is responsible for the student self-government, student publications, and operation of student campus centers.

The McMinnville Campus is the home of most of the college’s academic departments. It also houses the International Programs Office, the Office of Career Services, and the Alumni Relations Office.

The Portland Campus is the home of the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing. It also houses advisors for the Division of Continuing Education.

Online and Continuing Education is headquartered on the McMinnville Campus and is primarily online.

Online and Continuing Education:


Linfield Online offers engaging, relevant and affordable degree and certificate opportunities characterized by a focus on pedagogical excellence, innovation, and superior support for all users.


  • Support a learning environment that reflects the college’s mission, vision, and values
  • Honor the rich texture of diverse cultures and varied ways of understanding
  • Provide academically rigorous courses and programs that meet students’ educational needs
  • Provide universal design theory and implementation, to ensure access for all students
  • Collaborate with student services to provide assistance and to meet the needs of online students
  • Support faculty with appropriate professional development and opportunities to express creativity and innovation within their course offerings
  • Employ proven methods for increasing student retention and overall satisfaction with eLearning courses


Linfield Online and Continuing Education promotes an environment of integrity, respect, collaboration, cooperation, innovation and inclusion to foster personal and professional growth, academic excellence, and accountability.

Alma Mater “We’ll Be Loyal”
Words and Music by Esther Wright

We’ll be loyal to old Linfield
With her backing never yield
Each day will bring some vict’ry
One more honor for her shield.

The Old Oak gives us courage
Keeps us steadfast in our way
For her we’ll fight will all our might
Alma Mater, we’re loyal to you!

You may search all Linfield’s hist’ry
For one more of disloyalty
Each student upholds her spirit
With her loyal faculty

Linfield’s friendships are the truest
They’ll back you in each test
For her we’ll fight will all our might
Alma Mater, we’re loyal to you!

Wildcat Fight Song

“On With Linfield”
To the Tune of “On Wisconsin”

On with Linfield, On with Linfield
Fight right through that line
Take the ball right down the field
A touchdown’s sure this time

On with Linfield, On with Linfield
Fight on for your fame
Fight Wildcats, fight, fight, fight!
To win this game!