Online and Continuing Education Bachelor's Degrees

Goals for All Business Majors: Accounting, International Business, Management and Marketing

In successfully completing a major in the department of business, students must demonstrate:

  • Written Communication – professionally communicate ideas, research, and analysis in written form.
  • Oral Communication – professionally communicate ideas, research, and analysis in oral form.
  • Quantitative Reasoning – interpret and analyze quantitative information, and present quantitative information in various formats.
  • Technological Competency – prepare and present work in acceptable technological formats, specifically Word,Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Information Literacy – research, interpret, and synthesize both traditional and on-line resources, and know the limits thereof. 
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving – develop an under- standing of exactly what a problem or situation re- quires; develop and communicate the logical conclusion thereto.
  • Ethics – understand and develop an appreciation for the fact that businesses must operate within an ethical framework that extends beyond societal laws. 
  • Leadership – develop an understanding of the qualities of leadership; distinguish between management and leadership; understand and identify the vision thing.
  • Global Perspective – recognize that the business world is global; develop an understanding and appreciation for cultural differences; implement those differences into business planning.