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Linfield College
Faculty Guide

Upcoming workshops

In March/April 2018, our faculty webinars will be “Flipped.” Participants will come to the webinar having done homework. The webinar will be a hands-on group, problem-solving session. For more information about OCE Webinars. Registration required. Once registered you will receive a link to a homework video and instructions.

Using Your Webex “Room” to Meet with Students Wednesday

March 21 12:15 – 1:00 Pacific: Registration Required

Because you are an instructor at Linfield College, you have a Webex Room all your own. This is a online teleconferencing space, with your own url. What can you do with your personal Webex room?

  • Meet with individual students
  • Hold office hours
  • Meet with the whole class
  • Record interviews with guest lecturers
  • Meet with colleagues

Within the Webex room attendees can talk, text and view each other. As the host you can share your screen and record the session.


Making Media Content with Kaltura (audio, video, presentations)

Wednesday March 28 12:15 – 1:00 Pacific: Registration Required

  • Create audio, video or presentations for your online class with Kaltura Capture Space.
  • Place media files in various parts of your course.
  • Upload videos you made with screencast-o-matic (or other program) to your course in BB.
  • Offer students the option to make or upload their videos to discussions and assignments.

In this workshop we will discuss how and why to add multi-media to your course and troubleshoot problems for instructors and students. 

Three Steps to Making Your Class Accessible to More Students

Wednesday, April 4 12:15 – 1:00 Pacific: Registration Required