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Linfield College
Faculty Guide

Syllabus Checklist


This checklist is to ensure that syllabi for online courses contain the necessary components.  The OCE office and the department liaisons will use this tool in their review of all OCE syllabi.


_____ Course number, title and term

_____ Instructor name and contact information


_____ Catalog description


_____ Pre-requisites


_____ Student Learning Outcomes


_____ Textbooks/Other resources – Required and/or recommended


_____ Course topics outline and timeline


_____ Activities/Assessments


_____ Grading scale/Criteria


_____ Policy on missed/Late work


_____ Classroom policies/Expectations/Etiquette


_____ Diversity and Inclusion Statement  Linfield College honors human rights and academic freedom, celebrates diverse cultures, fosters a climate of mutual respect, and promotes an inclusive environment that affirms the value of all persons.


_____ Disability Statement Students with disabilities are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you are a student with a disability and feel you may require academic accommodations contact Cheri White, Program Director of Learning Support Services (LSS), as early as possible to request accommodation for your disability. The timeliness of your request will allow LSS to promptly arrange the details of your support. LSS is located in Loveridge Hall, Room 24, (503-413-8219), or We also encourage students to communicate with faculty about their accommodations.


_____ Academic Integrity Statement "adhere to the college policy on academic honesty, as published in the Linfield College Course Catalog."


_____ Identity verification Students enrolled in Online and Continuing Education courses and programs at Linfield College are required to periodically verify their identity through Ucard. This ensures that students taking classes through Online and Continuing Education are the people doing the work. The authentication process will be required at the start of each term and then at random times during the term. Instructions will be provided. For identity verification, students will need a webcam enabled computer and a legal form of picture ID (such as a drivers license or a passport). If you have questions about or problems with the authentication process contact the OCE office at (503) 883.2316; (


For Courses Granting LC (Linfield Curriculum) credit:


_____ Taskstream is Linfield's ePortfolio system. Students must demonstrate meeting the learning objectives of each of the Linfield Curriculum Modes of Inquiry or designation by posting exemplars of their work. Exemplars can be uploaded directly to Taskstream from within a BlackBoard course.


Highly Recommended for Inclusion on Your Syllabus:


_____ Help with Technical Difficulties If you have technical problems related to Blackboard contact For other technical problems (browser, email …) contact


_____ Other information/Policies


Click to download a .docx of this checklist.

last edited on 9/12/17