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Syllabus Checklist

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See syllabus preparation for information pertaining to the following items that must be included in all syllabi. Click to download a .docx of Syllabus template.


Course Syllabus Checklist

This checklist is to ensure that syllabi for online courses contain the necessary components.  The OCE office and the department liaisons will use this tool in their review of all OCE syllabi.


_____     Course number, title and term


_____     Instructor name and contact information (phone and/or email)


_____     Textbooks/Other resources – Required and/or recommended. Include ISBN.


_____     Catalog description


_____     Pre-requisites


_____     Student Learning Outcomes


_____     Course topics outline and timeline


_____     Activities/Assessments


_____     Grading scale/Criteria


_____     Policy on missed/Late work


_____     Classroom policies/Expectations/Etiquette


_____     Academic Integrity Statement - "adhere to the university policy on academic honesty as published in the Linfield University Course Catalog."


_____     Disability Statement   OCE Students with disabilities are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you are a student with a disability and feel you may require academic accommodations please contact Jeff Larson, Program Director of Learning Support Services (LSS), as early as possible to request accommodation for your disability. The timeliness of your request will allow LSS to promptly arrange the details of your support. LSS is located in Melrose Hall 020 (503-883-2562), or LSS@linfield.edu. We also encourage students to communicate with faculty about their accommodations.

COVID-19 Consideration

Students who are currently sick or who are on quarantine will communicate to Jeff Larson, Program Director of Learning Support Services (LSS), as early as possible to request temporary accommodation for their individual situation. LSS is located in Melrose Hall 020 (503-883-2562) or LSS@linfield.edu. Once notified by LSS for the need of accommodation, the instructor will determine the most appropriate way to stay current with class material and any missed work.  

All Linfield University faculty, staff and students are required to adhere to the temporary policies including face coverings, physical distancing and others linked here.

COVID-19: In Case of Local Outbreak:

In the event of disruption of normal classroom activities due to a coronavirus outbreak, information pertaining to the completion of this course will be communicated to all students.  It is possible that the format for this course may be modified to enable completion of the course. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to the course syllabus by the instructor.


Diversity and Inclusion Statement - Linfield University honors human rights and academic freedom, celebrates diverse cultures, fosters a climate of mutual respect, and promotes an inclusive environment that affirms the value of all persons.


_____     Electronic Recording- Updated August 2020

To facilitate learning for all students in the current climate around COVID-19, faculty may opt to record their classroom activities for instructional purposes. The electronic recording of classroom lectures, discussions, simulations, and other course-related activity is governed by Linfield's Classroom Recording Policy (Faculty Handbook, VII.26 and Student Policy Guide).


_____     Small Classes - This syllabus assumes a class size of 8 students or higher. Very small classes may need to be restructured. The professor will alert you to changes in the schedule, activities or the relative grade weight of a particular assessment. For instance, in a class with fewer than 8 students, discussions and group work may be altered or replaced. If you have questions about the course expectations speak with this instructor.


For Courses Granting LC (Linfield Curriculum) credit:

_____    Students are expected to submit exemplars of their work to their LC Portfolio in Blackboard, demonstrating that they have met the relevant outcomes for any course for which they wish to earn LC credit. In order to earn an LC for this course, you must submit relevant exemplars of your work to your LC Portfolio in Blackboard by the last day of finals week, as discussed in the Linfield University Course Catalog.


Highly Recommended for Inclusion on Your Syllabus

_____     Technical difficulties - If you have technical problems related to Blackboard, contact blackboard@linfield.edu. OCE and McMinnville students with other technical problems (browser, email, etc.), contact the ITS help desk as follows. OCE and Mac campus students email macsupport@linfield.edu. Portland campus students contact the ITS help desk at pdxsupport@linfield.edu.


_____     Other information/Policies as seen fit by instructor


last edited on 1/9/20