RN to BSN Staff

Anna Harrington Anna Harrington Chaudhary, MAT
Assistant Director of Nursing Recruitment & Community Outreach
Having attended a large public university, I am continuously impressed with Linfield College’s community-centered approach to education. Once students become a Linfield Wildcat, they remain connected for life. The RN to BSN program acknowledges and values each students’ unique path to nursing. Students have experiences from a wide range of nursing specialties and bring their knowledge into the classroom. They learn from each other and grow as leaders. I feel lucky to work with our outstanding faculty, staff, and students who are making a positive impact on the future of healthcare.
Joanne Swenson Joanne Swenson, MS. Ed
Academic Advisor
My passion is supporting and guiding students from when they are first admitted to Linfield until they have completed their BSN degree. Whether meeting students in my office, or via phone or email, I find great satisfaction collaborating with students to create an academic plan that will allow them to balance their work, life, and studies and be successful in all areas. Nursing students are highly motivated and continue to shape our world, both locally and internationally, as they progress through the RN to BSN program and continue to impact the nursing work force.
Henny Breen Henny Breen, PhD, RN, CNE, COI
RN to BSN Service Learning Coordinator
Associate Professor of Nursing
My career began with a diploma in nursing and transformed when I entered an RN to BSN program 11 years later.  The liberal arts courses with an emphasis on lifelong learning changed me professionally and personally. I love teaching at Linfield because I am now part of a legacy that continues to enrich the lives of nurses.  Furthermore, our students are encouraged to engage with vulnerable populations and integrate classroom learning into their daily lives.  I am honored to teach in a program that offers our students the ability to participate in shared learning with faculty and online nurse peers that enhances profound reflection on nursing practice.
Melissa Robinson Melissa Robinson, PhD, RN
RN to BSN Program Director
Associate Professor of Nursing
After attending an RN to BSN program after several years as a registered nurse, my passion for education was ignited. At Linfield, I am grateful for the close mentoring relationships that I can develop with nurses who are making valuable investments in their ability to contribute to our profession. I believe in the Linfield vision of learning, life, and community – I believe that when nurses advance their education, they improve health in their communities while enhancing the position of their own family by impacting the education and health of future generations.
Paul Smith Paul Smith, PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE
Associate Professor of Nursing
Having taught in a community college for seven years prior to Linfield, I value the knowledge students bring to the learning environment both from their previous nursing program and from their unique life experiences. I am thankful to teach in a liberal arts college that fosters a student’s spirit of inquiry not only about nursing, but also about aspects of life directly relating to all humankind, such as social justice. I am passionate about helping students see the “bigger picture” of nursing to create advocacy for not only patients and families but also for communities and global health.
Cynthia Painter-Press Cynthia Painter-Press, MSN, RN
Adjunct Faculty
I chose Linfield because the School of Nursing philosophy aligned beautifully with my nursing passions; serving the high risk and underserved, population health, nursing Leadership as well as the role of the RN in healthcare delivery systems and health care reform. Linfield's attention to social justice, focus on eliminating health disparities, and advocacy for vulnerable populations speaks to me as a nurse educator, nurse leader as well as a practicing clinical nurse. I am proud to be a part of this Linfield community.
Naomi Pitcock Naomi Pitcock, PhD, RN
Visiting Associate Professor of Nursing
One set of values that instantly drew me to Linfield was the community care and public health lenses on which our curriculum is based. In my time teaching in the RN-BSN program the highlight has certainly been the students, as practicing nurses they are able to bring their own unique patient care experiences to enrich the learning environment. Linfield has been able to make our online program both accessible and supportive. The small student to faculty ratio really allows us to get to know our students and know how to help them achieve their goals. Pursuing a BSN through Linfield can be the start of a journey that can literally take you around the world.