RN to BSN Program Information

Nurses working abroad in clinics Prerequisites Transfer Credits

Students must complete 125 semester credits to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Students may complete the majority of their additional course work prior to enrolling in NURS 308. For a clear breakdown of requirements for each semester, Linfield College has outlined a program of study based on expected start semester. The required courses for the RN to BSN major are:

Semester One NURS 308 Transition to Professional Nursing 6 credits
Semester Two NURS 310 Professional Communication in Healthcare 3 credits
NURS 321 Evidence-based Nursing 3 credits
Semester Three NURS 462 Population-based Nursing 3 credits
NURS 472 Nursing Leadership 3 credits
Semester Four NURS 476 Integrated Experiential Learning 6 credits

The community-centered curriculum of Linfield’s RN to BSN is focused on registered nurses becoming leaders in their community with an emphasis on social justice, diversity, multicultural awareness, collaboration, vulnerable populations and health promotion. The final semester integrates the concepts learned throughout the program and includes a clinical placement which is a service learning experience that is arranged by the student in consultation with the Service Learning Coordinator.

During the third semester of the RN to BSN program, nurses in consultation with the Service Learning Coordinator, will begin to plan their clinical experience which is a service learning experience. They will complete their service learning working with a vulnerable population in their local community or through the international service learning program during their final semester.