Costs and Fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Admission application fee $50
Matriculation fee* $100
Tuition per semester credit $495
Online fee per term (Fall/Spring/Summer)  $210
Online fee per term (Winter) $105
Textbooks (average cost per course) $60
Graduation fee $150

*A $100 matriculation fee will be required to complete a student's enrollment beginning in Winter 2020.


RN to BSN Program Costs (in addition to the tuition costs above)

Credit for Prior Learning (31 Linfield nursing credits awarded upon successful completion of NURS 308) $525
Nursing Liability Insurance Premium (Liability insurance is required for NURS 476)  $60
Experiential Learning Fee (administrative fee for students enrolled in NURS 476)  $100

Average Total Cost of Attendance 

Admission application $50
Matriculation fee* $100
24 credits in RN to BSN major (24 x $495)  $11,880 
**6 credits of general education (minimum requirement 6 x $495)  $2,970 
Total average of fees assessed throughout program $1,005
RN to BSN Program Costs (listed above) $685
Textbook average  $300
Average total cost of attendance $16,990

**General education is based on minimum general education requirements.

Questions about an average cost of attendance? Contact your admission counselor for a pre-admission transcript evaluation that will help you determine how your previous college credits will count towards your degree or certificate program. 1.800.640.2287 or oceadmission@linfield.edu 

This is information about the online RN to BSN degree program for those already licensed and working as RNs.  If you are interested in our pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (based on our Portland campus), you can find information here.