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Linfield College
Degrees and Certificates Bachelor's Degrees

Requirements for the Global Studies Major

A student must complete the following required courses from Linfield or in approved transfer:

For a major, completion of 43 credits, distributed as follows.

Foundational Courses (11 credits)

RELS 110 Approaches to Religion
TCCA 230 Intercultural Communication
HIST 122 History of World Civilization I
HIST 123 History of World Civilization II

Capstone Requirement (8 credits)
IDST 485 Senior Seminar
IDST 490 Senior Project

At least 24 credits as follows: Students can take no fewer than 4 credits from any grouping; at least 8 credits must be at the 300 level or above

Historical and Cultural Studies
HIST 200 Modern China
HIST 210 Modern Japan
HIST 214 Independence and Inequality in Latin America
HIST 302 Topics in European History (can be repeated if topic differs)
HIST 304 Topics in Latin American History(can be repeated if topic differs)
HIST 314 U.S.-Mexico Border Region
HIST 360 History of Modern Britain
HIST 362 History of Ireland
HIST 390 Slavery in the Americans
MLCH 211 Introduction to East Asian Culture
MLCH 212 Survey of East Asian Literature

Religious Studies and Philosophy
RELS 120 Old Testament
RELS 130 New Testament
RELS 140 Holy Qur’an
RELS/PHIL 160 Philosophy East & West
RELS 218 Buddhism
RELS 309 Old Testament Prophets
RELS 310 History of Religion in the Middle East
RELS 360 Dead Sea Scrolls
RELS 365 John and the Gnostic Gospels
RELS 367 Recording Ancient Wisdon

Political Science:
POLS 210 POLS 315 Politics & Religion
POLS 330 Politics & the Arts
POLS 372 Islamist Movements in Middle Eastern
POLS 384 U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 386 Topics in Comparative Politics

Departmental Policy on Prerequisites

The Department presumes that students will have taken the applicable prerequisite(s) when registering for courses. Prerequisites will be waived when the Department Chair deems that a student’s background or other extenuating circumstances render the applicable prerequisite(s) unnecessary. This approval must be obtained prior to registration for class.

Meeting Course Requirements By Transfer Credits

Some courses can be satisfied by approved transfer courses. In instances where the content of a course is not clear from its title, you may be asked to provide additional information in the form of catalog description or syllabus.