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Gain World Insight With A Global Studies Degree

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Global Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that provides you with the perfect opportunity to apply previously earned college credits so that you can finish and feel confident with the degree you earned.

As a global studies major you will find a new appreciation for the world around you through the study of History, Political Science, Communication and Religious Studies. By viewing other cultures from a global perspective, you will gain important insights into the contemporary trends and events within the global society. In turn, this will open a wide variety of professions and research for your future.

With Linfield College's Global Studies Major, discover fascinating cultures and gain insight into the world. Find out more information about this program today! 

Global Studies Degree Overview

With a global studies degree, you will gain an understanding of the impact events and trends have on various cultures abroad. You will gain a deeper understanding of the world you live in, both globally and locally, by studying these communities beside your own. The focus begins on individual communities around the world. Through historical studies of these countries, you will explore how different cultures were shaped by their  history, religion, and political roots.

Employment Opportunities in Global Studies

Studying different countries will open up a large range of opportunities for you at home and abroad. You can pursue a successful career in international business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research, and much more. Here are just a few specific opportunities you will have after completing your Global Studies degree:

  • Foreign Service
  • Peace Corps
  • International Trade
  • Civil Service
  • International Tourism
  • Legislative Aid
  • National Security
  • Lobbyist

Who Should Enroll

Are you ready to complete your degree? Are you curious as to how different historical, cultural, and religious traditions shape people's lives? Or are you interested in deepening your knowledge of other cultures and understanding contemporary global trends? If you said yes to any of these questions then the global studies major is the correct path for you!

Requirements for the Global Studies Degree Major

Courses You will Take

Why Linfield College?

Linfield College, accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, offers many advantages. Our courses are online, which means your busy schedule can be easily accommodated. Our program is affordable, and we also offer financial aid to those who need it. The high-quality global studies faculty offers assistance throughout the time you are in the course, and our superior research and library assistance is a valuable resource for future projects.

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With the global studies major, discover new and fascinating cultures while learning how the world affects your community. Find out how the you are shaping the world and how the world is shaping you!