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Linfield College
Online and Continuing Education Course Syllabi

Spring 2017

Linfield OCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Syllabus" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the syllabus column, we do not have it yet.

Online AAVC 110 AM Introduction to Visual Culture 4 (CS, IS) Adrianne Santina  pdf
Online AAVC 382 CANCELLED AM Creative Development Studio 4 (CS) Ron Mills  pdf
Online ANTH 332 AP Medical Anthropology 3 (IS, GP) Bill Bestor  x-list
Online BIOL 201 AM Concepts in Marine Ecology 3 (NW) Ned Knight  html
Online BNAC 260 AM Financial Accounting 4   Al K. Weidinger  pdf
Online BNAC 261 AM Managerial Accounting 4   Aaron Piazza  pdf
Online BNAC 361 AM Intermediate Accounting I 4   Baizhou Chen  pdf
Online BNAC 362 AM Intermediate Accounting II 4   Jeff Edwards  pdf
Online BNAC 461 AM Cost Accounting 4   Jeff Edwards  pdf
Online BNAC 464 AM Government/Not for Profit Acctg 3   Michael J. Barnhart  pdf
Online BNAC 468 AM Federal Income Tax 4   Carla Moha  pdf
Online BNFN 341 AM Financial Management 4   Deborah J. Bauer  pdf
Online BNFN 447 CANCELLED AM Investments 4   Deborah J. Bauer  pdf
Online BNMG 310 AM Organizational Behavior & Mgmt 4   Ian Priestman  pdf
Online BNMG 405 AM Human Resource Management 4   Christopher Bossert  pdf
Online BNMG 409 AM Leadership 4   Sharon Wagner  pdf
Online BNMG 410 AM International Management 4 (GP) Russ Paine  pdf
Online BNMG 436 AM Topics in Mgmt: Employee Benefits 4   Christopher Bossert  pdf
Online BNMK 321 AM Marketing 4   Kimberly Steele  pdf
Online BNMK 421 CANCELLED AM Promotions Management 4   Martin Schulz  
Online BNSS 250 AM Contemporary Business 4   Scott Mazzuca  pdf
Online BNSS 350 AM The Management of Sport 4   Jason Becker  pdf
Online BNSS 435 CANCELLED  AM International Business Law 4   Roger Pao  pdf
Online BNSS 485 CANCELLED AM Seminar 2   Staff  
Online BNSS 495 AM Strategic Management 4 (MWI) Virlena Crosley  
Online COMP 250 AM Database Program Development 3   Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah  pdf
Online COMP 301 CANCELLED AM Digital Forensics 3   William Scott  pdf
Online COMP 302 AM Software Engineering 5 (MWI) Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah  pdf
Online COMP 310 CANCELLED AM Network & Web Applications Dev 3   Vincent Tran  pdf
Online COMP 392 CANCELLED AM Proj Mgmt II: Mgt Skills, Assess & Dev 3   Malek Daaboul  
Online COMP 430 CANCELLED AM Computer Security 3   Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah  
Online COMP 450 CANCELLED AM Database Administration 3 (MWI) Staff  
Online COMP 484 CANCELLED AM Operations Research 3   Malek Daaboul  html
Online COMP 490 CANCELLED AM Capstone Project 4   Staff  
Online ECON 210 AM Principles of Economics 4 (IS, QR) Randy Grant  pdf
Online ECON 341 AM Environmental Economics 3 (IS, QR) Kandice Marshall  pdf
Online ENGL 200 AM Intro to Creative Writing 4 (CS) Heather Sharfeddin  pdf
Online ENGL 316 AM Reading and Writing Poetry 4   Heather Sharfeddin  pdf
Online ENGL 317 AM Reading and Writing Fiction 4   Heather Sharfeddin  pdf
Online ENGL 319 AM Reading & Writing Non-Fiction 4   Heather Sharfeddin  pdf
Online ENGL 385 AM The Novel in the United States 4 (CS, US) Heather Sharfeddin  pdf
Online ENGL 395 AM Directed Reading 1   Heather Sharfeddin  
Online ENVS 040 AM Community Service 1   Duncan Reid  
Online ENVS 210 AM Principles of Sustainability 4   Carla Jones  pdf
Online HHPA 050 AM Stress Management Practice 1   Dawn Graff-Haight  pdf
Online HHPA 071a AM Yoga: Mindfulness 1   Kristi Strong  pdf
Online HHPA 071b CANCELLED AM Yoga: Vinyasa 1   Kristi Strong  pdf
Online HHPA 071c CANCELLED AM Yoga: Exploratory 1   Kristi Strong  
Online HHPA 099 AM Topics in Health & Fitness 1   Dawn Graff-Haight  pdf
Online HHPA 230 AM Stress Management 2   Dawn Graff-Haight  pdf
Online HHPA 270 AM Core Concepts Health & Performance 4   Benjamin Belletto  pdf
Online HHPA 410 AM Gender Issues in Education & Sport 3 (US, IS) Alan Ledford  pdf
Online HHPA 485 AM Coaching as a Profession 3   Larry Doty  pdf
Online HHPA 486 CANCELLED AM Practicum 2   Benjamin Belletto  
Online HHPA 487 CANCELLED AM Internship 3   Staff  
Online HIST 150 AM Survey of U.S. History 5 (VP) Ryan Madden  pdf
Online HIST 252 AM History of the US West 4 (VP, US) John Ritter  pdf
Online HIST 301 AM Topics:: Greek and Roman Religion 4 (VP,GP) Steven Rutledge  pdf
Online HIST 302 AM Topics in European History: Holocaust 3 (VP, GP) Jack Boas  pdf
Online HIST 490 CANCELLED AM Research 5   Jack Boas  
Online HSCI 098 AM Medical and Health Terminology 2   Janet Peterson  pdf
Online HSCI 320 AM Health and Social Policy 3 (MWI) Angela Thomas  pdf
Online HSCI 330 AM Global Health 3 (IS, GP) Angela Thomas  pdf
Online HSCI 487 CANCELLED AM Internship 2-5   Staff  
Online IDST 008 AM Linfield Entry Colloquium 1   Ann Sukalac  
Online IDST 052 AM Career Planning and Preparation 2   Donna Montoya  pdf
Online IDST 090 CANCELLED AM Global Issues Forum 1   Christina Alexander  
Online IDST 250 CANCELLED AM Writing the Portfolio 3   Donna Montoya  pdf
Online IDST 320 AM History of Western Thought I 3 (VP, UQ, GP) John Shuford  pdf
Online INQS 126 AM Inquiry Seminar 4 (INQS) Gina Rucavado  pdf
Online MATH 140 AM Introduction to Statistics 3 (QR) Malek Daaboul  html
Online MATH 161 AM Introduction to Finite Mathematics 2   Malek Daaboul  html
Online MSCM 343 AM Social Media Theory & Practice 4   Kevin Curry  pdf
Online MUSC 137 AM American Popular Music 3 (CS, US) Stephen Kravitz  pdf
Online PHIL 350 CANCELLED AM Modern Philosophy 4 (UQ) Albert Spencer  
Online POLS 315/RELS 315 AM Politics & Religion 4   Dawn Nowacki  pdf
Online PSYC 355 AM Learning, Memory, and Behavior 3   William Collins  pdf
Online RELS 130 AM New Testament 4 (UQ, VP) William Millar  pdf
Online RELS 360 AM Dead Sea Scrolls 4 (UQ, VP) William Millar  pdf
Online SOAN 251 AP Music, Subcultures, Scenes & Comm 3 (IS, GP) Bill Bestor  x-list
Online SOAN 299 AM Topics/Cultures of the Paranormal 4   Scott Vandehey  pdf
Online SOAN 490 AM Research/Thesis 4   Scott Vandehey  pdf
Online TACA 040 AM Community Service 1   Brenda Devore Marshall  
Online TACA 287 AM Internship 1-5   Brenda Devore Marshall  
Online TCCA 130 AM Interpersonal Communication 3 (IS) Mary Lynn Veden  pdf
Online TCCA 230 AM Intercultural Comm: Global Persp. 3 (IS, GP) Sandra Lee  pdf
Online WINE 205 AM Wine Fundamentals 4   Jessica Pierce  pdf