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Yoga Instructor Certificate

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Yoga Instructor Certificate Overview

It is no secret that yoga is growing rapidly around the globe. As it becomes more popular in society, the demand for instructors grows. At Linfield College, we want to help you take your yoga skills to the next level. Through physical and philosophical training, our courses will prepare you for a career as a yoga instructor. The curriculum is completely online, and we offer you a faculty advisor as a point of contact for questions and guidance. We also offer robust technical support to help make sure your courses run smoothly.

Employment Opportunities in the Field

After completion of the online yoga instructor course, you will be certified to teach your own yoga courses. There is a demand for instructors in gyms and studios all across the country and the world. Many other yoga instructors prefer to teach private clients. Whichever direction you want to take in your career, we will help you master your craft.

Who Should Enroll

Anyone can apply to take our online courses. We understand that there are commitments in life that make it difficult to attend class and prevent people from furthering their education. Linfield College's online courses are meant to be flexible enough to fit the needs and schedules of nearly anyone. We believe that even people with children, families, full-time jobs, and other personal ambitions should be able to take college-level courses. As long as you are ambitious and passionate about furthering your studies and achieving a degree, Linfield College will help you achieve your educational goals.

Courses You Will Take

HHPA 215 - Intro to Yoga / 2 credits
HHPA 270 - Core Concepts Of Health and Human Performance / 4 credits
HHPA 071a - Yoga: Mindfulness / 1 credit
HHPA 071b - Yoga: Vinyasa / 1 credit
HHPA 071c - Yoga: Exploratory / 1 credit
HHPA 486 - Practicum / 2 credits
HHPA 487 - Internship / 5 credits

For a list of courses offered this academic year view the Year Long Plan.

Why Linfield College?

Linfield College has over 10 years of experience offering online courses. We believe that getting a higher education is possible, even on a tight schedule. Our staff is dedicated to helping our students reach their goals in a timely and affordable manner. Unlike other large-scale public universities, Linfield College is able to invest more of a personal interest in our students and help guide them through their coursework. Each student is appointed a faculty advisor who will be with them from acceptance until graduation. We also provide career services that connect students with potential employers. We also boast an above-average completion rate, and we have various opportunities for receiving financial aid.

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