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Software Engineering Certificate

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Software Engineering Overview

There is a world of opportunities available for those in the software engineering field, but a certificate from an accredited institution is often the only ticket into the door. At Linfield College Online and Continuing Education, 100 percent of all offered classes can be completed online. This allows you to keep up with your established daily schedule, yet still aggressively pursue a valuable education within your chosen field.

Employment Opportunities

The annual estimated salary for a software engineer sits just under $100,000, according to recent surveys. This field is ripe with opportunities in a variety of different markets, as the majority of the products and services used today operate with some sort of computer component. Students who attend Linfield College online and complete the stated certificate requirements can expect to find a job as a software engineer, web developer, or software developer.

Who Should Enroll

The program is often attended by those who may already have an entry level position as an engineer, system analyst, designer, or programmer, yet desire more education within object-oriented software development.

A software engineering certificate from Linfield College Online and Continuing Education focuses on a specific subset of skills including program design, coding, systems development, systems analysis, systems design, and project management. A high degree of attention is also paid to client interaction, as it is commonly seen as one of the most qualifying attributes of a software engineer within the current market. 

Courses You WIll Take

COMP 101 - Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology / 3 credits
COMP 152 - Programming and Object Structures / 4 credits
COMP 250 - Database Program Development / 3 credits
COMP 302 - Software Engineering I / 3 credits
COMP 400 - Applied Software Development Project / 3 credits

Why Linfield College?

For those trying to work a balance between career, family, and school, an online education can help to further career ambitions without sidestepping other obligations. All of the programs at Linfield are completed online and open to students throughout the United States, as no visits to campus are required. We believe in supporting you throughout your education, from application to graduation. Each student is matched with a personal academic advisor to help coordinate class schedules and format a plan to help with each specific career goal.

I’d like to find out more. What is the next step?

With a high completion rate and access to financial aid, Linfield College Online and Continuing Education could be the answer to the next step in your career. Interested students can fill out the Request Information form or call 503-883-2213 to connect with an admission counselor.  Alternatively, those ready to invest in their future may apply now.