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Linfield College Professional Communication Certificate

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Linfield College Online Professional CommunicationEarning a Professional Communication Certificate at Linfield College

Our Professional Communication certificate at Linfield College will provide you with experience and skills which are valuable in many different types of careers. Here at Linfield College, our program focuses on combining the theories of professional communication with practical training.

By earning our Professional Communication certificate, you will have the professional speaking, listening and writing skills needed to negotiate conflict, develop sensitivity to intercultural communication scenarios and write professional letters and documents, all of which are extremely useful skills in the business world.

Professional Communication Career Opportunities

A Professional Communication Certificate will bolster any resume no matter what career you pursue. Speaking and writing skills are considered critical to most industries, especially in administrative positions.

Students who decide to focus on professional communication will often obtain work as technical writers and editors, professional writers, speech writers, communication directors, content strategists, social media experts and bloggers.

Professional Communication Program

Our Professional Communication program is perfect for any students who want to improve their communication skills to enhance their program of study or who want to give themselves an extra advantage when it comes to seeking employment.

Our Professional Communication Courses

There are six courses that you will need to take in order to earn a Professional Communication Certificate here at Linfield College:

  • ENGL 271 - Professional Editing*
  • COMM 257 - Communication Theory
  • COMM 230- Intercultural Communication
  • ENGL 372 - Writing for Social Media on the Web*
  • ENGL 373 - Proposal and Grant Writing*
  • ENGL 474 - Capstone in Professional Communication 

*Three of these classes are prerequisites (Professional Editing, Writing for Social Media on the Web and Proposal and Grant Writing); however, you can receive instructor permission as an alternative as well.

For a list of courses offered this academic year view the Year Long Plan.

Choosing Linfield College

One of the biggest advantages to earning your Professional Communication Certificate at Linfield College is the ability to complete the program online. This means that you can enroll no matter where you live and you won't have to relocate to Oregon.

Taking classes online also provides our students with more flexibility when it comes to balancing their education with their work and family. Here at Linfield College, we also make sure to offer our students access to technical support. This ensures that you will have all the tools you need to complete your class work and to engage with instructors.

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