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Human Resources Certificate

Typical Program Cost*

Average Time to Complete

$6304 39 Weeks (3-4 academic terms)

* There may be additional costs for living expenses or if students take courses over a longer period of time.

The online human resources certificate program at Linfield College Online and Continuing Education can provide you with the practical skills you need for career advancement. This comprehensive program creates a solid professional foundation by covering the key foundational principles and theories of human resources.

Employment Opportunities

Human resources, labor management, and professional training are all expanding sectors, offering opportunity and career advancement for those who are qualified. Graduates of our human resources management program gain credentials that increase their marketability in a variety of industries. New career opportunities are opened in numerous fields including:

  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Compensation, Benefits Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager

Who Should Enroll

Individuals who are looking to enhance their human resources management skills would benefit from this program. Enrollment is open to anyone who is interested. Those who are currently part of a human resources team or a management team would find this certificate valuable to their current career track.

Courses You Will Take

Our online human resources certificate program is a two-tiered model. Students cover federal labor laws, ordinances, policies, and regulations. This coursework is coupled with HR skills, such as group dynamics, employee-management relationships, and leadership, to create a comprehensive curriculum. Students are required to complete two core courses and three elective courses.

BNMG 310 - Organizational Behavior and Management / 4 credits *
BNMG 405 - Human Resource Management / 4 credits **

Plus 3 of the following:

BNMG 380 - Industrial Organizational Psychology / 4 credits
BNMG 410 - International Management / 4 credits
BNMG 415 - Business, Ethics, and Society / 4 credits ***
BNMG 436 - Topics in Management: Employee Benefits / 4 credits
BNMG 436 - Topics in Management: Employment Law and Collective Bargaining / 4 credits


* BNSS 250 or BNAC260
** MATH 140
***BNSS 340

For a list of courses offered this academic year view the Year Long Plan.

Why Linfield College?

Linfield College is a fully accredited institution that allows you to earn a degree or certificate on your own schedule. Our faculty members are dedicated to the academic success of our students. Each student is paired with a personal faculty advisor who provides continual support throughout the academic journey, from the application process through graduation. The curriculum at Linfield College is based on expert, real-world experiences, building the skills needed in the contemporary workforce. With a strong, supportive community, our programs have a higher completion rate than the national average. Our tuition rates are competitive, and our financial aid assistance helps make higher education accessible. Linfield College Online and Continuing Education is dedicated to academic excellence and flexibility. 

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Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with $ n/a* of debt. *Fewer than 10 students completed this program in the normal time. This number has been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.

The following States do not have licensure requirements for this profession: Oregon

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