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Coaching Certificate

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Online Coaching Certificate Overview

Many colleges tout their online classes, but the majority do not offer a completely online education. At Linfield College Online and Continuing Education, we believe access to furthering your passions should be affordable and easily attainable. All of our classes for a coaching certificate can be obtained online, giving you the freedom to move forward without disruptions.

Employment Opportunities in Coaching

If you work in the field of coaching, whether professionally or as a volunteer in an extracurricular capacity, you are met with some unique challenges. It can be difficult to manage expectations from both parents and players while maintaining league qualifications. Additionally, there are many physical fitness aspects to coaching that should be addressed. All of these parts of the puzzle fit together through our online coaching certificate classes. With this continuing education certificate, you will be able to take on jobs as an athletic coach within a variety of sports.

Who Should Enroll

We suggest that you work with an academic advisor to ensure that you are pursuing the right path for your chosen profession. Some students work from several programs at once to fulfill their desired education requirements, while others are just looking for a higher education course that will further solidify their already established place within their field.

Courses You Will Take:

HHPA 270 – Core Concepts / 4 credits
HHPA 305 - Coaching Theory / 2 credits
HHPA 485 - Coaching as a Profession / 3 credits
HHPA 486 - Practicum / 2 credits
HHPA 487 - Coaching Internship / 5 credits

Proof of current certification in first aid and CPR.

For a list of courses offered this academic year view the Year Long Plan.

Why Linfield College?

Many of today’s adults are currently balancing careers, family, and school. With an online education, you are able to achieve your career goals without having to put other aspects of your life on the back burner. Our programs are open to any student in the United States and require no visits to campus. You are given the help you need to succeed, with an assigned personal faculty advisor who provides support from the moment of application through graduation. We also offer access to technical support to make sure you have all of the tools you need to complete your class work and interface with instructors in a timely fashion.

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