Use Software Engineering to Improve Your Life

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Being a software engineer requires a unique skillset that may seem only suited to the world of computers, but as an IT person, you’ll find your technical skills useful in a wide range of real life applications. You’re not about to start writing letters to your grandma in C++, but you can use the underlying talents behind your programming abilities to problem solve in personal relationships and other real world encounters

Organization and Attention to Detail

On any given project at your job, you’ll need to manage and organize a large amount of code and other information.

Life isn’t made up of millions of lines of Ruby or Javascript, but you can use the same organization skills for real life tasks. For example, if you’re buying a house for the first time you’ll have to deal with a large amount of paperwork. Your ability to keep track of and pay attention to all the small, yet important, details will keep you prepared for any potential problems. When it comes to reaching a goal in your personal life, you can organize habits like you would functions in your code.

Team Collaboration

For you entire career, collaboration with other software engineers and tech specialists likely will be a big part of your responsibilities. Collaborating with your friends, family and society also is a big part of your life. For example, if you’re in a big family with two working parents, everyone taking on responsibilities is the only way to get chores done. The skills you’ve gained in order to effectively work with coworkers also can be used to make interactions with other people smoother.

Curiosity and Vision

Successful software engineers are always curious about how and why things work, and they’re always looking for ways to do things better whether it’s through new algorithms or simplified functions. When you approach real life with this same passion, you’ll likely find that your experiences are a lot more enriching. Curiosity and vision will get you outside your comfort zone, presenting opportunities that you may have thought were impossible.

Take your ability to create, edit and debug code and apply it to everyday situations to make your life better. This isn’t about approaching your personal relationships in a logical, robot-like manner, but using your software engineering skills and curiosity to make your everyday experiences easier or more fulfilling.