Promote Enthusiasm like a Marketer with These 3 Steps

Have you ever put hundreds of hours into something only to generate no response whatsoever? You’re certainly not alone. Although you may have an excellent idea, if you don’t think about things from a marketing standpoint, you’ll never make an impact with your intended audience.

In order for something to truly take off, it has to generate passionate enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious, and if a consumer is exceptionally excited about something, they’re that much more likely to spread the word about your offerings. Follow these steps to help secure a solid response.


  • Identify your audience.


Do you know who you’re marketing to? By recognizing and learning your audience, you’ll be able to tailor your approach to generate the best response possible. Be sure to consider such factors as age, career, income and more.


  • Adjust your marketing process accordingly.


There are plenty of ways to go about promoting enthusiasm for something, and you have to pick your avenues carefully to reach your audience in an effective manner. Aiming for a young demographic? Social media is probably a safer bet than a direct mail campaign. On the contrary, social media may be of little value when it comes to targeting the older population.


  • Show your audience why they should care.


Instead of being verbose about what you’re offering, deliver a clear reason as to why people should be paying attention. Trying to sell a product or service? Address a problem your audience may be having, and explain how you can fix it. Advertising for an event? Provide details that help it stand out from the crowd.

Refine Your Marketing Skills

If you’re interested in the marketing field, pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing through Linfield College’s Online and Continuing Education Program. We also offer an online marketing certificate program for those interested in advertising, research or public relations.