Managing Humanity: Pursuing An HR Certificate Online Without Losing Touch

Whether you’re seeking to land a position in the human resources field or to complement your existing HR experience with high-quality education, you’re in luck. The field is growing, and the Linfield College Online and Continuing Education Program’s Human Resources Certificate can help you stand out from the crowd once you enter the increasingly crowded job market.

Online HR Certificate – Not An Oxymoron

Though it might seem contradictory to attain an education in human resources online, it’s perfectly possible, and there are many benefits to Linfield College’s online courses. The Human Resources Certificate from Linfield College explores a multitude of concepts crucial to the HR industry through a five-course curriculum (excluding prerequisites), including courses like Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior and Management, both of which are mandatory to achieving certification. In addition to the previously mentioned courses, students must select three from a list of five electives, which span a variety of relevant topics, from ethics to employee benefits.

The Benefits Of Online Education

Attaining an HR certificate online is not only an easily manageable option, but in many cases, a highly beneficial avenue. That’s because technology has become critical when it comes to communication in the workplace. According to a survey conducted by uSamp Research on behalf of RingCentral in 2015, an astounding 95% of workers intended to utilize business communication tools, such as e-mail and text messaging, in place of in-person meetings. Conducting your education online lets you reap the knowledge required to excel in the human resources field while refining your online communication skills, which are almost certainly going to be exercised heavily from the moment you’re hired.

The Linfield College Online And Continuing Education Program

Our Human Resources Certificate program offers an in-depth look into the human resources field. Begin your Linfield College experience by applying today.