Want a High Return for Your Investment in College? Linfield College Ranked a Top Investment

If you’re like many adults considering going back to school to finish your education, you are probably investigating how different schools’ programs will affect your future – specifically, your future earnings. Which school will give you the best chance to succeed in the workplace and maximize your income?

Great news has come in for those of you evaluating online degrees: A national survey has found that Linfield College provides one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of all colleges in Oregon.
Malek-Daaboul-with-student-Susan-EricksonIn the area of higher education, what does a high ROI mean? In layman’s terms, ROI can be thought of as how much “bang for your tuition buck” a school provides. Schools with higher ROIs, like Linfield, provide more “bang for the tuition buck.” Specifically, Linfield’s Adult Degree Program is able to offer a notably low price tag for an undergraduate education compared to other like institutions. Additionally, graduates from these schools consistently secure higher starting salaries upon graduation and higher lifetime earnings than schools with lower ROIs. For Linfield graduates, the net lifetime earnings are more than $500,000 higher than adults without bachelor’s degrees.

The recently released survey (the “Affordable Colleges 2013 Online Survey”) used statistics to determine lifetime earnings and ROI rankings. The survey compiled data collected by prominent organizations in the industry including federal entities and national foundations. It compared earnings by graduates of public and private universities, colleges and professional schools. Out of 93 Oregon institutions of higher learning, Linfield College was recognized as having the sixth-highest ROI.

Why do Linfield graduates enjoy such a high ROI? Linfield is respected by employers for the academic quality of its degrees. Linfield’s ADP is notable for its dedicated staff and professors who provide personalized attention and high standards of academic integrity. This focus on high-quality education pays off: ADP graduates become more employable and more valued by their employers. As ADP alumna Susan Erickson explains, a Linfield  ADP graduate is “a professional rather than just a worker.”

When Erickson was considering returning to college, she had her eye on the career benefits of earning her degree. She completed all of her accounting degree courses online at Linfield’s ADP. Her Linfield education has helped her career prosper. As she explains, “After earning the degree, it surprised me how many choices and doors opened up for me. I accepted a new position at a salary significantly higher than I was earning before graduating with my Accounting degree.”

Adults returning to college also often find Linfield’s ADP more attractive than online programs from other schools because the ADP is one of the most affordable accredited online degree programs in the nation. To further this point, if you compare the tuition at residential colleges you’ll find that ADP tuition is lower than most private colleges and similar to many public universities. And, unlike public institutions, Linfield does not charge higher tuition for students who live out of state, providing flexibility that can be invaluable to adult learners.

Whether you’re searching for an accounting degree, business information systems degree, management degree, RN to BSN degree, or other program to complete your education, consider how important flexibility, price tag, and ROI are to you. You deserve a high return for your investment in college.