How you can apply Leadership Qualities with a Management Degree

Linfield Management Study GroupIn today’s workforce a Management Degree can grant you access to a variety of career opportunities at many levels in the management field. There is the prospect of owning your own business or working for a large organization. You might manage a team of two or a team of twenty with a management education. Whatever your career path, a management degree from Linfield will prepare you for the road ahead. “What stands out for me, from my Management program at Linfield is the quality and commitment of the instructors. Each of my instructors placed a high value in developing student’s critical thinking and cognitive reasoning skills, which I believe are essential in building a successful career in management, said Jay Larsen, a recent graduate in the Bachelor of Science degree in Management.

A management degree or human resources management certificate empowers its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to positively impact a business whether as a department manager, business owner or team member. Whatever role you play in your company, Linfield will properly educate you to meet the demands of your field. Linfield College graduates have found opportunities in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Linfield offers one of the most convenient, affordable online management degrees available, with generous transfer credit for previous college courses.

The Management Degree builds knowledge for leadership roles in business. The saying, “knowledge is power” applies to the Management Degree, because the graduate with a  Management Degree has gained knowledge in key areas so important to business success, such as economics, accounting, business law, management, marketing, human resources and finance.

Linfield College Management graduates distinguish themselves in business with their combination of people skills and analytical skills. This combination allows for strategic thinking to be easily communicated. Whether the CEO, or a valuable team member, these traits allow you to exhibit leadership skills within your company.

You can complete a bachelor’s degree in management or a certificate in human resources management online through Linfield College.  All the courses in the bachelor’s degree in management and the certificate in human resource management are offered online by the Linfield Adult Degree Program. This allows you to achieve your educational goals via the technological innovations available to us.

A bachelor’s degree in management from Linfield prepares you to meet the challenges and complexities of the business world. Government research indicates that the value of a four-year degree has continued to increase. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics report of wage and salary workers by educational attainment released in April 2011 showed that adults 25 years and over with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $59,800 annually, while those with a high school diploma earned $32,916.

The Linfield Department of Business believes that education is a life-long process in which higher education has an important part. The focus of the Department’s courses and programs provides you with a sound basic education in business, accounting, and management, within the broader context of a liberal arts education.