Entering The Marketing World With An Online Degree

Under the influence of the Internet, the modern marketplace is evolving more rapidly than ever before. This means that aspiring marketing professionals require thorough education that covers not only the core ideas behind marketing, but how to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. One way to succeed? Linfield College’s renowned online marketing program. But once you’ve achieved your degree from Linfield College, how will it help you stand out in the competitive world of marketing?

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Success in marketing requires a combination of time-tested marketing best practices and cutting-edge techniques. Our online marketing program covers every element you’ll need to keep ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced industry. The program builds a firm educational foundation with introductory-level courses, including Principles of Economics and Managerial Accounting, to prepare students for the world of business. More advanced courses include Promotions Management, Business Law and International Marketing, helping enrollees understand the full scope of the industry they wish to enter. This broad selection of skills can help you land a position in advertising, public relations, product management, sales and several other fields with small businesses and big brands alike.

An Internship Opportunity

While the online marketing degree allows students to complete their coursework anywhere, any time, the opportunity to participate in an internship shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, some studies – including one by Southwestern University – indicate that a large portion of college internships lead directly to full-time positions. And it’s no wonder, since marketing internships offer students their first opportunity to develop hands-on experience, build confidence on the job and forge invaluable relationships with other marketing professionals.

Pursue A Marketing Degree At Linfield College Today

Linfield College’s online marketing degree program offers the perfect opportunity to reach your educational goals without putting your life on hold. Learn more about the program by requesting information, or apply today to get started.