Cross-Department Opportunities in the Work Force for Those with Marketing Degrees

Adult Degree Student There are so many reasons for a person to earn a marketing degree. First and foremost, a person can work almost anywhere with a marketing degree, nearly every type of business or industry utilizes marketing professionals in some way. Whether it be public relations, account executives, product or marketing manager, it is rare to find a company that doesn’t employ a marketing professional on some level and more often you will find it a crucial business function.

The appeal marketing experience has to employers is another reason to consider a degree in marketing. Many companies employ a marketing person or team of marketing professionals and for good reason, people who hold a bachelors degree in marketing tend to be commercially and organizationally intelligent as well as highly proficient. These are highly sought after qualities in an employee and when you add a diverse list of skills and punctualities that many marketing candidate possess, you find a successful addition to any employer

Lastly, career opportunities are endless. Many seasoned marketing professionals find that career paths can lead beyond marketing jobs, into industries and sectors as diverse as retail, financial, leisure and tourism, ­consumer goods and so on. The options are endless for a person with the skills to successfully market a product, service, business or organization.

In the economic climate we live in today, which maintains a highly competitive job market, people with marketing talents and capabilities are increasingly important to businesses on all levels. Helping organizations identify and satisfy customer needs using strategic planning and creative thinking are the core foundation of many companies. This may very well be the reason that there continues to be a demand for marketing experts, despite economic fluctuations.

If you are like many people that live a fast-paced, busy life, Linfield College Adult Degree Program offers you an opportunity to earn your Marketing Degree online, an ideal solution to many people who may have families and careers. All of the courses in the marketing major as well as general education requirements are available in an online format to help you achieve your Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

At Linfield College, you have a choice between the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing or the Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, so you can make the degree what you want it to be. The BS degree is earned through the two math courses that accompany the major. The BA degree is earned through two semesters or three quarters of elementary college level work in a single foreign language. Students whose native language is not English and wish to earn the BA degree are exempt from the foreign language requirement.

The accredited online marketing degree will help prepare you to excel in the fields of marketing, as well as help prepare you to meet the challenges and complexities the business world offers.