A supportive institution can make all the difference for online students


When students make the decision to enroll in an online program, they frequently have apprehension. Perhaps they have been out of school awhile or have never taken an online class. Maybe they are nervous about writing a paper or taking a math class, or simply feel that they will be isolated and on their own in an online program.

At Linfield, we know that it can be overwhelming to take this step and coming into a supportive environment can make a big difference. In our Online and Continuing Education program, we celebrate our students and know that they are often balancing a heavy load of responsibilities.  We know that their lives are often very different from our residential students and have tailored our program to address their unique needs.  The many staff who work with online students at Linfield are enthusiastic about helping them take these next steps in their lives.   Assistant Director of Admission Reese Zimmer genuinely appreciates working with students who are so driven towards their goals, especially when so many of them have to balance their education with having a career and/or family.

This admiration is echoed by Academic Advisor Ann Sukalac who says, “I love to getting to know the students, learn about their goals and dreams and then help them to meet the academic part of those goals.  Online students are generally working (most of them full time) and balancing work and family life with their schooling.  Their dedication is a wonderful thing to behold.”

From the time students fill out a request for information form, it is our goal to make the online learning process easy and worry-free. Academic Advisor Joanne Swenson works with our RN to BSN students and focuses on customer service. “We answer emails within 24 hours, offer phone call appointments for students out of the area, or meet in-person with students who can or who want to,” said Joanne.

Joanne also cares about how the students are doing emotionally, as well. “I often have to put on my ‘counselor hat’ to talk students through difficult situations or personal issues they are dealing with.”

Admission Counselor Deanna Fairchild knows that “returning to college can be stressful and cause some apprehension…” and she always tries to put a student’s worries to rest in their first conversations by discussing their concerns and answering any potential questions that may arise about their education.

When comparing Linfield to other online learning programs, our liberal arts core sets us apart because of how it develops students’ skill set. Instructional Designer Jane Wilde noted that “Linfield’s commitment to liberal arts ideals is the hallmark of what we offer. Regardless of the subjects we teach, or the professional credentials we offer, we emphasize critical thinking, and the ability to see the problems from multiple points of view.”

The other thing that sets Linfield apart is a strong sense of community which carries over to our online classrooms.  Advisors like Ann notice that the successful students are the ones who find an avenue to connect in the online environment.

“The most surprising thing to me about online students is how they manage to personalize the environment for themselves.  When I first worked with online, I was concerned that the environment would be cold and lack the collegial aspect of the classroom.  And a student who doesn’t take advantage of the possibilities could still find it to be that way. But so many students actually do take my advice and form study groups, or just have particular study-buddies that they work with via phone, or Skype, or chat and some great friendships have been formed,” says Ann.  “If a students will put out a virtual hand, there are people there to virtually take it:  faculty, advisors and fellow students.”

All of our staff members are committed to making the student experience as rewarding as possible. As students strive to meet their educational goals, the staff at Linfield will be here to support them every step of the way.



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