Pursuing Cyber Security Careers Through Linfield’s Certificate Program

Linfield College offers students a wide selection of different programs. Not only do we offer undergraduate degrees that can be pursued online, but the college also offers several highly-regarded certificate programs as well. One such certificate program is our Cyber Security and Digital Forensics certificate program.


Cyber security is a field that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Not only are corporations and institutions relying more heavily on computer technology than ever before, but there are a growing number of data breaches and hacking attempts as a result. Linfield College offers students who are interested in pursuing cyber security careers the opportunity to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of both computer systems and cyber security.

If you decide to pursue the study of cyber security and digital forensics at Linfield College, you’ll have the knowledge and training necessary to find employment in the cyber security field with a variety of potential employers, including small businesses, large corporations, government and law enforcement.

Cyber Security Career Opportunities

Completing the Cyber Security and Digital Forensics program at Linfield College will not only help you learn the theoretical foundations of cyber security, but doing so will also help you learn how to approach real-world cyber security challenges. This will, in turn, make you an attractive candidate to a number of employers who are looking to bolster their organization’s data security.

Students who have earned a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics certificate can go on to find positions as computer forensics analysts, cyber security analysts, cyber security engineers, infrastructure analysts, intrusion protection system analysts, security analysts and security investigators, just to name a few.

It’s also worth noting that completing the Cyber Security and Digital Forensics certificate will allow you to continue your education by giving you the knowledge and training you need in order to complete a number of other certifications, such as the Security and Certified Ethical Hacker certification or the Cyber Security Forensic Analyst certification, both of which can help you pursue even more potentially lucrative and personally rewarding cyber security careers.

Pursuing a Cyber Security Certificate

In order to complete Linfield College’s Cyber Security and Digital Forensics certificate program, you will be required to take five courses, all of which are available online. These include the following classes:

  • Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology
  • Systems Administration and Networking Concepts
  • Digital Forensics
  • Computer Security
  • Capstone Project

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