Alumna Karen Brady was able to balance three teenagers, work, and school to earn her BSN

Earning a BSN is no easy task, yet Karen Brady made it all look easy.


“I think the fact that it was so doable was surprising to me. I felt like the expectations were completely realistic for a working student.”

When Karen decided it was time to complete her BSN, there were many programs to compare. Linfield College’s RN to BSN program stood out like no other. Karen found that Linfield’s reputation and curriculum were outstanding, and the program was the best choice to help advance her career and enhance her knowledge.

“I felt that Linfield would not just offer me a degree, but an education.”

While Karen was completing her BSN, she found that the online option was the best for her due to its flexibility. She was able to work fulltime, raise three teenage boys, and make it to all of their sporting events along with being a fulltime student. She was also able to make great connections with other students who were juggling the same things as her.

“It was a great experience and completely doable,” Karen says when asked about her education.  As a student in Linfield’s RN to BSN program, she was amazed at how the leadership and research training helped her become a more well-rounded and experienced nurse. These courses gave her such a passion for learning and expanding her knowledge that she even continued on to receive a master’s degree in Nursing Informatics.

“I knew I was a good nurse and that I had a great foundation, but I didn’t know how much more there was to being a really well rounded nurse.”

After Karen completed her BSN in 2010 through Linfield College, she got her dream job of working collaboratively with nurses to influence the quality of care for patients at Silverton Health in Oregon.

“I was surprised how easily the program fit into my life, how beneficial it was to my nursing career, and how fast it went by. If I had known those things, I would have done it much sooner.”

Summer term start Monday, June 20 and there is still time to register for classes.  Students wanting to start Fall term should apply now, as registration is already open for fall classes, which start September 7.