Teresa Silva Student Profile: Enrolling in an Online Accounting Degree, but Earning Much More

Teresa Silva found in Linfield College an online accounting degree program that provided excellent instruction while building students’ confidence.


Juggling the responsibilities of being a single parent and maintaining a full-time job to support a family can be demanding and leave little time for other life goals, a fact that Teresa Silva knows all too well. Raising her two sons on her own while working at Truitt Brothers, Inc., Teresa wanted to earn an accounting degree to help her move ahead in her career. She knew that making time to go to class would be a challenge with her complicated schedule. After looking into her options, Teresa chose Linfield College’s online accounting degree program.

Fortunately, today’s students can take advantage of online degree programs that create opportunities for working parents. “Linfield offered me the program that I wanted with the flexibility to take on what I could manage with my own personal obligations,” Teresa said. Teresa and many other students who must balance work, family, and other obligations can now fulfill their educational aspirations in a setting that works for them.

Teresa enrolled in Linfield College’s online accounting degree program and earned a Bachelor of Science degree through Linfield’s 100% online program. Like most college graduates, she fondly remembers certain professors who inspired her with their innovative teaching methods and their desire to see their students succeed. She noted that the professors understood that students had many obligations other than their college work. “He went the extra mile ensuring that everyone was able to meet his strict timeline standards,” she said of her Business Law II professor.

She also recalled how her Shoreline Ecology professor pushed his students to move out of their comfort zones by requiring them to conduct field research as part of the class. “This class got me out of the format rut and challenged me mentally and physically,” she reflected. While she expected her online accounting degree program to help her grow her salary, she gained the additional benefit of personal growth.

Earning her accounting degree online through Linfield College helped Teresa’s self-confidence and independence soar. “Unlike traditional classrooms, online really requires you to buckle down and take the time to read and understand everything. Your instructors are there for guides, and are great resources, but you have to be your biggest cheerleader,” she said. Teresa soon began to appreciate the self-motivation and personal accountability that online education built up in her.

When asked to reflect back on what made the most impact on her during her time as an online accounting student at Linfield, she replied, “I felt in control of my education and my time.” Linfield, she recognizes, had more than just academic lessons to offer.

After graduating with her online accounting degree in 2014, she turned to her career with increased confidence. She is working for Truitt Brothers, Inc. now as a Staff Accountant, and she’s noticed a change in how her coworkers respond to her and knows she has earned their respect. “I am finding my opinion is sought more and more weight is given to my ideas. This has allowed me greater freedom to create a finished product that I am proud to deliver,” she said.

Graduate Vivienne Kelley juggled three kids, a job and her education to earn her BSN degree

A lot of people still have concerns about receiving an online education. At Linfield College, we are letting our students do the talking.

Vivienne Kelley_BSN work  We asked one of our many successful students, Vivienne Kelley, about her experience earning a BSN online degree at Linfield College. She gave us some great insight about the benefits of online education and the successes that can come after it.

Vivienne completed Linfield College’s online Nursing program where she received her BSN in 2015. She is a self-described compassionate, determined, and motivated mother of three who took her time as a Linfield student seriously. It didn’t take her long to realize the value that her program placed on its individual students.

“The liberal arts environment is so well rounded and allows the opportunity to learn so much in ways that cater to individual interests instead of the traditional black and white curriculum requirements of other programs.”

One of the concerns many people have about earning a BSN online degree is a lack of hands-on experience. At Linfield, we understand the critical importance of physical learning, which is why we match our students with clients for internships and research projects.

“For my service learning requirement in the BSN program, I volunteered with a faith-based clinic called the Mercy Clinic in Fort Worth, TX. The clinic offers free health care services to uninsured, low-income residents of the 76110 community. As part of a service learning project, I created a crowdfunding project through Linfield’s annual giving department to help raise more money for the medical supplies we use while helping patients at the clinic.”

Vivienne’s experience is an illustration of the meaningful changes our students are making in the community through our programs. Our students come from all ages and walks of life. One of the most attractive characteristics of the BSN online degree is that our curriculum works with your schedule and focuses on your individual needs. As a mother of three, Vivienne was able to complete her service projects while receiving individual attention from her instructors.

“It has been a very personable experience. When you call in, you almost always get exactly who you were trying to reach. Instructors all are easy to get a hold of and all so wonderful. Being able to partake in the liberal arts content and form a family educational culture has made everything both comfortable but also more impactful than your large-scale university where you can get lost in the crowd.”

Earning a BSN online degree at Linfield College could be perfect for you. Visit our website to learn how to apply.

Education Based Around Your Schedule: Online Accounting Certificate

Linfield provides the best online education experience. Online accounting certificate students gain industry expertise, propelling their careers.
Linfield offers busy students a unique online education model. Academic excellence is achieved on the student’s schedule. Unlike other programs, Linfield’s online post baccaulareate accounting certificate program is completely web-based and does not require a strict hour plan. Students are able to find a healthy balance between their schoolwork and other demands such as work and family life.

Accounting Certificate That Creates Opportunities

An online post baccaulareate accounting certificate from Linfield prepares students who already have their bachelor’s degree to be competitive in a growing industry. The curriculum thoroughly covers all of the foundational principles as well as the modern theories of accountancy. Graduates feel confident in their skills. Many find that their accounting credentials open them up to new professional opportunities.

Educational Support and Resources

The online programs at Linfield are designed to provide students with the support they need to achieve academic success. From the advisor program to web-based tutoring, students have access to the tools and resources they need. Cynthia Hammond, a recent online accounting certificate student, praised the program.

“I love technology!” Hammond said. “So when my online classes utilize all that is available online, it makes for a better learning experience for me.”

As advice to future students, Hammond suggests a self-starter spirit and a dependable Wi-Fi connection. “As much as I love technology, it will fail you when you need it the most. You have to plan ahead. I was moving cross-country when I needed to take a [three-hour long] final online and was going to depend on hotel Wi-Fi. I worked with the front desk to make sure I had the ability to have a direct connection that was more predictable.” With her new credentials and her ambition, Hammond has a fulfilling accounting career ahead of her.

The online post-baccalaureate accounting certificate from Linfield helps students reach their goals in fewer hours. If it’s time for a change, Linfield offers affordable, flexible classes that can propel accounting careers.