It’s Never Too Late for an Online RN to BSN Degree: Chantal Gardner Student Profile

Linfield offers an affordable, flexible online RN to BSN degree program that offers valuable exposure and develops the skills needed for career advancement.

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Students of all ages enroll in the online RN to BSN degree program at Linfield and gain exposure to skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. The community-based curriculum creates a deep understanding of population health and evidence-based practice all while developing leadership skills. For those who desire career advancement and academic flexibility, the choice is clear.

Hands-on Approach to Online Learning

From the moment a student applies, they are assigned to an academic advisor. Even though with the online RN to BSN degree program students never have to step foot on campus, they feel supported throughout their academic career. A current student of the program, Chantal Gardner, even gained professional connections from her advisor. “The faculty has been extremely helpful. After I graduate from Linfield, I intend to enter into a nurse practitioner program, and I expressed this to my academic advisor Joanne Swenson. She, in turn, put me in touch with Dr. Breen, who has been very helpful in recommending nurse practitioner programs.”

The Curriculum

Linfield’s RN to BSN online degree program fosters well-rounded nursing leadership skills. Even veteran RNs find themselves gaining valuable skills. Chantal was particularly pleased with the flexibility with which she was able to complete her classes, as well as the development of the curriculum. She said, “Nursing 308 was my favorite class. I was recently scared when I first went back to college, as it has been 8 years. Linfield has done a really good job of supporting my needs and me while I attended this program. I was most afraid of relearning APA format and was pleasantly surprised when the first term of the nursing program focused on APA formatting. It really helped me relearn APA formatting, and that made me feel confident to pursue by BSN.” The curriculum was designed with a student’s busy schedule in mind. Linfield aims to streamline the amount of time needed to obtain a degree by providing critical course work with a natural development plan.

Eliminate Barriers for Career Advancement

When asked if she has any advice for future students, Chantal said, “Don’t let your fears, whatever they may be, stop you from going to college! Just do it!” As a busy mother of three, she was able to successfully balance her work and family life with school because of Linfield’s flexible schedule. An online RN to BSN degree is not out of reach for anyone. It is easily manageable. Deciding to enroll could be the key to expanding career opportunities.

Excellent Faculty for a Management Degree Online: Kristina Thrall Student Profile

While it’s true that an online education puts you in the driver’s seat, a dependable staff makes it much easier for students to earn a management degree.


Kristi enjoying a day at the coast with her daughter.

Kristi Thrall had always heard great things about Linfield College, but what really convinced her of its exceptionality was meeting her advisor. As a student pursuing an online management degree, Kristi has been impressed throughout the process by interactions she has had with the helpful and informative staff. With the unique challenges of an online program, it is especially important for faculty and staff to be available when students reach out for help.

“My interaction with all the staff, via email or phone calls, has always been pleasant and helpful,” said Kristi. “All staff is attentive and eager to assist with any problem. Even the professors are attentive and always there to aid in my learning.”

When asked about her favorite course so far in the program, Kristi described Intro to Visual Culture. The in-depth analysis of movies dating back to the 60s gave her a whole new appreciation for meanings and thematic developments in film. A quality instructor can guide students to new levels of understanding and appreciation whether the subject at hand is cinematic history or management techniques. Since the program is 100 percent online, students are the directors of their own education, at least when it comes to studying and completing the assigned coursework. As Kristi said, “If you are a self-motivator, self-starter, and enjoy working at your own pace, this is definitely the direction for you.”

Linfield College’s online management degree is designed to be convenient for all students, whatever their schedules or obligations. To keep things running smoothly, all students have access to technical support and a personal faculty advisor, but the convenience of the students is also taken into consideration with the curriculum itself.

“Despite the complex material in the classes, I have surprised myself with how well I have done in each of my classes,” Kristi said. “Better than I was doing prior at a community college.”

However busy you may be, Linfield College tries to make accredited degree programs accessible. The whole online management degree program is designed to empower students like Kristina Thrall, but it’s ultimately the faculty that makes the biggest impression.

“The staff in these courses knows that you are taking online classes for a reason and they adapt the curriculum accordingly,” Kristina said. “The flexibility allows single parents, working people, or people with disabilities to study from the comfort of their own home. It’s amazing.”