Linfield College Online and Continuing Education Earns High Rankings

Pioneer SummerThe Linfield College Online and Continuing Education program was named one of the Best Online Colleges in Oregon for 2015-2016 by Affordable Colleges Online. Linfield, which offers accredited online programs, earned the eighth-highest rating in the state of Oregon for its continued commitment to quality online student learning for over 10 years.

Linfield earned a score of 86.90 out of 100, and the ranking cited several qualities that helped earn these high marks. Compared to the national average, Linfield has a higher completion rate for online undergraduate degree programs. The accredited online programs offer access to personal faculty advisors and provide career services and financial aid. The staff assists students through all steps of the online college process, from application to graduation.

“Working and nontraditional students are increasingly recognizing the benefits of an online education,” said Laura Brener, director of Linfield College Online and Continuing Education. “We offer 100 percent online programs, so we are experienced in online instruction and mentoring. We are passionate about personally working with every student to equip them for the working world by providing a top-tier education.”

Linfield College Online and Continuing Education, formerly the Adult Degree Program, began in 1975, serving adults wanting to complete their college degrees. It has offered online accredited degrees and certificates since the 1990s. Since then it has continued to climb in ratings at both the state and national levels. It is the fourth highest ranked online college program among private, liberal arts colleges in Oregon.

Criteria for the Online Colleges in Oregon ranking for the 2015-2016 academic year included: offer a bachelor’s degree or higher, public or private non-profit school, offer at least one fully-online bachelor’s degree and offer at least one fully-online program in the state. Scoring focused on the following metrics: student-faculty ratio, the number of online bachelor’s degrees, graduation rates, the percentage of students receiving financial aid, quality of academic and career counseling services, availability of job placement for graduates, acceptance rate and loan default rate.

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