Taking Your Accounting Degree Even Further

As tax season is in high gear, accountants are crunching the numbers – and time – to meet the April 15 deadline. And for those considering the profession, they may think the extent of their work revolves around this date. However, contrary to popular belief, accountants have many applications for their skills, and these span well beyond the months leading up to tax season and staring at books and calculators. Be it in the private or public sectors, through the government or non-profit organizations, accountants not only are in high demand, but also have the opportunity to work in a field that provides ample opportunities for career growth.

With ever evolving tax laws, companies value accountants more than ever and this is reflected in the economy. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the accounting profession is projected to undergo a 22 percent increase in employment by 2018, well above the average for other professional fields.

With Linfield College’s online accounting degree program, aspiring accountants can be exposed to different sectors and types of work. A career in accounting can be challenging and rewarding, which allows those considering a career in the field to achieve a comfortable work-life balance, while still achieving their professional goals in an area of interest.

For those with a previous bachelor’s degree who are already working in entry level positions in the accounting profession, or those who are wanting to advance in the accounting profession, receiving a post baccalaureate accounting certificate is another option, which can help individuals to expand the scope of their accounting knowledge for advancement in their current organization or into new positions, while also increasing their earning power.

With online accounting degree options available, it has never been more feasible to achieve those educational goals. Selecting the best fit for an online degree program is equally as big of a decision, as it is to make the decision to go back to college.

Linfield College Adult Degree Program provides an accredited online degree program, so students know that they are earning a degree that is both valuable and respected industry wide. And while making the decision to go back to college is never easy, Linfield offers its students academic advising, financial aid assistance, and the flexibility of online class attendance that they need to earn their degree, along with the quality education they demand.

While the demand for accountants continues to grow, the time is now to start working toward the next step in your career. Contact Linfield today and find out how you can start advancing your education in the accounting profession right now.