Online and Continuing Education

Linfield Online College Costs

Linfield is affordable and competitive:

  • As a not for profit, independent college we are able to offer the same affordable tuition for in-state and out-of-state students. 
  • Linfield offers financial aid, including scholarships for our online degree programs, to make sure that our programs are accessible for working adults
  • Because Linfield tuition charges are determined by the number of credits taken each semester, students are charged on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, with no down payment beyond a modest application fee.
  • In many cases, tuition charges are actually below those charged by other online programs.

At Linfield, we are very transparent about our costs. While tuition and fees are likely to increase a little each year, typically, there aren't any “new fees” added after you begin your program. Beginning with our Summer 2018 term, we have set different tuition per credit for our degree and certificate programs. We strongly encourage you to inquire about fees when comparing different programs.


Use Your GI Bill® Benefits

Linfield College is an approved institution of higher learning by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  As a result, active duty, reserve, National Guard military personnel, veterans and spouses are able to apply their GI Bill® and other military education benefits towards any of Linfield’s degree or certificate programs.

Online learning provides military personnel the flexibility of completing the degree or certificate program of their choice while serving our country.

The Linfield program has been approved by the VA for eligible Veteran's pursuing a degree. Please visit our Military - Veteran Student Options Page for more information.

Costs and Fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

  Degree Certificate*
Application fee for all programs  $50  $50
Matriculation fee* $100 $100
Tuition per semester credit $495 $250**
Online fee per semester $215 $215
Online fee for January Term $110 $110
Audit fee per semester credit (to take a course for no academic credit) $240 $240
Identity Authentication Fee (annual) $10 $10

*A $100 matriculation fee will be required to complete a student's enrollment beginning in Winter 2020.

**Certificates that require a bachelor's degree as a prerequisite, such as the accounting certificate, are offered at the degree tuition rate.

RN to BSN Program Costs (in addition to the tuition costs above)

Credit for Prior Learning (31 Linfield nursing credits awarded upon successful completion of NURS 308) $525
Nursing Liability Insurance Premium (Liability insurance is required for NURS 476)  $60
Experiential Learning Fee (administrative fee for students enrolled in NURS 476)  $100

Average Cost of Part Time Attendance

  Degree Certificate
Tuition for 6 credits (approximately two courses)*  $2,970 $500
 Online fees  $215 $215
 Average textbooks  $200 $200
Average approximate cost of attendance $3,385 $915

*6 semester hours is the minimum credit load to qualify for federal financial aid

Questions about an average cost of attendance or remaining coursework? Contact your admission counselor for a pre-admission transcript evaluation that will help you determine how your previous college credits will count towards your degree or certificate program at or 503-883-2213.


Official withdrawal must be made using the online add/ drop form, and are calculated by the date of submission. Tuition and the online course fee will be refunded based on the dates and percentages below. Other course fees are not refundable.

Please visit the Student Accounts Tuition & Fees Refund Policies under the Online & Continuing Education Refund Policy or contact the Student Accounts Office if you have questions on the refund policy and deadlines.