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Constitution Day

Constitution Day

Constitution Day (Citizenship Day) is a federal observance recognizing the adoption of the US Constitution. It is celebrated on September 17th, the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution by the US Constitutional Convention.

All educational institutions that receive public funding are required by law to provide by law to provide educational programming on the history of the US Constitution on this day.

Constitution Day programming this year is made possible by the Frederick Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice, Linfield’s Office of Academic Affairs, and the Elliot Alexander Fund for Political Science.

2018 Constitution Day Lecture

The Frederick Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice and the Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement will observe Constitution Day this year with a “Conversation about Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion.” We will build off of the tremendous success we had with the “conversation” format we used last year, but with a very exciting twist: this year, the conversation will feature two distinguished scholars and two Linfield students. Each student will deliver a short speech on the theme of civility, diversity, and inclusion and then each visiting scholar will deliver a short speech on the same. After these short speeches, the students and scholars will engage in a conversation about what has been said before opening the floor to questions and comments from the audience.

This year, our guest speakers will be Professor Sharika Thiranagama (Department of Anthropology, Stanford University) and Professor Brandon Turner (Department of Political Science, Clemson University). Professors Thiranagama and Turner are distinguished scholars who have written about many things, but they have been invited to participate in this particular event as a result of their writings on the themes of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) initiative on “Civility, Diversity, and the Liberal Arts”. Professor Thiranagama is the co-author of this recent piece in Public Books “Against Civility” and Professor Turner is the author of many essays on the “agonistic” foundations of liberal democracy.

Professors Thiranagama and Turner will be joined on the stage by two of our stellar students: Pedro Graterol and Aspen Brooks. Pedro and Aspen have demonstrated themselves to be thoughtful and politically engaged students during their time at Linfield.

This Constitution Day “Conversation about Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion” will be on Tuesday, September 18th at 4:30pm (Location: To Be Announced Shortly). The event is free and open to the public.

In addition to this public event, the Douglass Forum will host an informal lunchtime discussion with Professors Thiranagama and Turner. Participants in the lunchtime discussion will read some of each scholar’s work before we meet.